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Shit Evil Clowns Say!

Short creepy / funny video about evil clowns.


Fairytale Cartoon

The fairytale of Tinkersmell's fairy tail.

Easter Bunny cartoon

The Easter Bunny drops by....

SEMICHAOTIC cartoon : Drunk Sign

Funny drinking cartoon. New cartoon published every monday.


Photoshop tutorial: Sharpen photos with high pass filter

I don't use the photoshop unsharpen anymore - I prefer the high pass filter especially for applying selective sharpening. Don't hit it too hard though or the results will look artificial.

Encode URL

Encode a URL or URLS with this online tool

Free icon sets

Free icon sets that you can downlaod

Christmas photoshop brushes

Some downloadable christmas themed photoshop brushes

Style Lists with CSS

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Examples of how to style lists with css.

Convert WORD doc to HTML

Free online tool to convert the contents of a word document into HTML code. Super handy conversion tool for quickie web development tasks.

Text to HTML

Convert plain text to HTML code with this online tool. Instantly changes text to html paragraphs.



List of English Contractions

Great list of english contractions that you can download. All the common and uncommon contractions in the english language have been gathered a useful word list. comon language grammar english

Online Tool to Alphabetize Text Items. Easily Put Text in Alphabetical Order.

This online tool will put most anything in alphabetical order. If you have to alphabetize words, lines, arrays or other text items then this tool is your friend.


Remove Line Breaks Online Tool

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Online tool for removing line breaks from text but preserving paragraphs.

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