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RobotReplay - The Next Generation of Web Analytics

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RobotReplay lets you record and watch your website visitors in action. View recorded sessions of every mouse movement, click and keystroke: * Improve your site's usability * See where your readers get bored * Convert more visitors to buyers It's usability testing for the rest of us


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GreyBox can be used to display websites, images and other content in a beautiful way. Why use GreyBox: * It does not conflict with pop-up blockers * It's only 22 KB! * It's super easy to setup * It's super easy to use * You can easily alter the style as it is controlled through CSS

February 2007

JavaScript accessibility issues

JavaScript is a scripting language used to make HTML documents more dynamic. Oftentimes, user actions trigger scripts which modify the page. Users may not realize a page has changed or may not be ready for the page to change when it does. On the other hand, if done well, JavaScript can enhance the accessibility of pages by allowing users to customize them to their needs.

WebAIM: Creating Accessible Javascript

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Article Contents 1. Current page: Page 1: Overview of Creating Accessible Javascript 1. What is JavaScript? 2. JavaScript Accessibility Issues 1. JavaScript that does not impact accessibility 3. Comparison of JavaScript Guidelines 4. Testing for JavaScript Reliance 1. Disabling JavaScript 2. Page 2: JavaScript Event Handlers 3. Page 3: Other Issues 4. Page 4: JavaScript Alternatives 5. Page 5: Accessible JavaScript Summary

January 2007

Quiz Alsacréations : testez vos connaissances

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Testez vos connaissances au sujet du web et de XHTML, CSS, DOM (JavaScript), PHP, MySQL, l'accessibilité du web,... Choisissez l'un des quiz dans le menu à votre droite, selon le thème qui vous intéresse. Dix questions à choix multiple vous seront alors posées. En validant vos réponses, vous accèderez à la page de résultats où votre total sera calculé et les mauvaises réponses expliquées. Bonne chance !

October 2006 :: Quick API Search

by 27 others regroupe en une interface les documentations HTML, JavaScript/DOM, CSS, XSL, XPath, XMLSchema, MySQL, PHP, Ant, Java, Perl et Dita. Il est possible de choisir sa référence préférée (par exemple W3C, htmlhelp ou MSDN) pour chaque API.

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