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August 2008

April 2007


PETRODRIL is equipped to carry out a range of activities, varying from, review and evaluation of Exploration and Development acreage; drawing up of exploration and developmen

March 2007

TxReader Special Edition - Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Reading Softwar

TxReader Special Edition - TxReader has many potential applications for use in the home, in businesses or for educational purposes build spelling files for use with your audio spelling test (suitable for all ages). Use the spelling assistant (suitable for

Brochure Printing Templates

Brochure Printing Templates Click Here to download our graphic design templates Brochure Printing and Commercial Print templates are HTML files that use four print New York Printing Company printers o

February 2007

Publishing Tips

Use graphics in your promotional materials. Beautiful graphics have the power to instantly convey the quality and value of your ebook. Graphics can also convey the amount of valuable information the book contains, and your careful att

January 2007