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Manufactum - Home

"There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper". Over a century later and John Ruskin's observation is still valid; what's more, we believe it says a lot about the products on offer today. There was a time when the only problem facing quality goods was competition from goods of an even higher quality, now it seems that inferior goods are the main problem.


ShopComposition | Composition | Outfitting Designers Since 2003

Composition started as my way to express and share a passion for design. It started a little over 5 years ago with a 450 square foot space in lower downtown Denver. It was a terrible retail location but I guess I was so optimistic and naive that I didn't know any better. I think my sheer exuberance for the products, vendors and the people I was meeting carried me through that first 15 months. Since then, I have learned a great deal about the retail business and its many challenges; grown the store to 2600 square feet in its current Belmar location and continued to feed and share my passion for design and the creative community that this store reaches. I have a lot more to say and share, but right now there is a website to launch.




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