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Kids' Corner: Website Usability for Children (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

Millions of children already use the Internet, and millions more are coming online each year. Many websites specifically target children with educational or entertainment content, and even mainstream websites are adding "kids' corner" sections for children -- either as a public service or to build brand loyalty from an early age.



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control and record your own 3D puppet and play the games


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play kapla online, with the japanese touch (cf. intentionallies, fotolog &cie )

Site officiel de J.K.Rowling

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Sympa comme tout le site de l'inventeur de Harry Potter designed by Lighmaker Goup en collaboration avec Macromedia, le RNIB et le RNID. et en plus c'est du flash très "usable", navigation au clavier, menu accessible, possibilité d'agrandir le texte, pause, glossaire des sons.... cf le post de Jeffrey Zeldman


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super mini-games for cartoon network / RSVP planning the ultimate dinner party ...