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by alice lee | carousel

Carousel is the new gallery from Dropbox that helps you organize, share, and save your photos and videos with friends and family (remember having to individually send every photo in a set over iMessage? Yeah, no more!). It’s an app that holds your photos and videos, and therefore your memories - and its story needs to do it justice.


Work for Food™

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Work for Food™ is the portfolio of Art Director Diego Zambrano, focused on designing experiences and emotional relationship with the product. Advertainment to sell dreams, not products! Art Direction, Illustration and Ideas.



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Informative yet aesthetically pleasing

Flip Flop Flyin'

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A website attempting to entertain you on a semi-regular basis since 1999

the box doodle project

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à la 1000 journals mais avec des boites.... ça tape !


Max Weber Flash Website And Communication Design - Gold Cyber Lion at Cannes 2004 Winner

MAX WEBER motion & Website design notamment le superbe <a herf=""> site avec de l'intégration BD noir et blanc animée en flash</a>


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Jin Young Kim / portfolio très poétique