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transformer un ftp en viewer d'images

Welcome - The Bold Italic - San Francisco

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The Bold Italic is an experiment in local discovery. Just when you thought you were a pretty savvy local, along came The Bold Italic. Our mission is to help people become better locals, equipping our members with rare local intel, backstory and potential adventures.


Apostrophe Now!

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Apostrophe™ is a content management system designed for maximum flexibility with a minimal learning curve. The interface is ergonomic, all content-editing is performed in-context.


Digg the Blog » Blog Archive » New Comments System Released!

Hola! We’re excited to launch the new Comments system – we’ve listened to your requests and feedback and have incorporated many of your suggestions. Some highlights include:

Reader Guide To Lifehacker: Threaded Comments Now at Lifehacker

After months of work behind the scenes, vague promises up front, and half-assed hacks, today we are very excited to take the wraps off exciting new stuff for Lifehacker commenters. In order to make having conversations with your fellow readers here easier, we've just rolled out a major revamp to our site commenting system. Fresh out of the oven, our all-new "threaded comments" system organizes comment replies more logically and makes discussing the post at hand—and other users' reactions to it—easier to do and digest. Hit up any post with comments to start tinkering with the new system yourself, or read on to get the full rundown of what's changed and why.

A visual guide to navigating blog comments | Blog |

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I’ve made another improvement to the comments system, and this time I think it’s pretty innovative (well, I think the last one was as well, but I do like this one). This only works 100% correctly in Mozilla, and I’m not sure why. IE and Opera get 90% of the way there, and that’ll do until I figure out what the problem is. Anyway, on to the idea…

disambiguity » About

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This blog is where I share what I’m passionate about and what’s currently got my attention in the realm of User Experience (UX), User Centred Design (UCD), Information Architecture (IA), Interaction Design (IxD), and Usability. I’m particularly interested in where these things intersect with Social Design and have a great interest in how social environments online shape us and how we shape them, and how we as designers should be getting involved in improving our social experience online. My name is Leisa Reichelt. I do freelance contextual research and user centred design. I’m based in London but have quite a bit of experience working remotely.


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template hemingway pour wordpress

Third time’s a charm « Davidville

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Over 400 new features, fixes, and improvements. Introducing Tumblr 3.0 It’s been six months since we launched Tumblr 2.0. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the ways you’ve been using Tumblr, want to be using it, and could be using it. Today, we’re delighted to show you the culmination of all your feedback and support. The most powerful and simple application we’ve ever built.

ideasonideas » Blog Archive » How to disarm 10 difficult client observations/requests

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Unveiling a solution is arguably the most harrowing aspect of the creative process. In our last post we talked about how we can work to better service our clients. In this one, I’ll share some of the best responses we have to questions that can often derail an otherwise effective solution.

BUZZBIZWEB » Blog Archive » [ web ] Pourquoi je crois en Pilipi

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Couleurs acidulées ; zoning clair et aéré ; codes chromatiques simples et mémorisables ; un bouton TRES incitatif, icône de jeu d’arcade, aussi visible qu’une affiche « SOLDES » en tête de gondole en supermarché ; une recherche googlemap ; une charte bien respectée. Bref un site avec une expérience efficace.

37signals Product Blog

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le blog produit de 37signals


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Tumblelogs are blogs with less fuss and more stuff. Tumblr is your friendly and free tool for creating tumblelogs.

Webdesign des portails de Presse | Libération(3)

Ensuite, et c’est l’étude du site de Libé qui provoque cette remarque, il est bien de dire une évidence à propos de la présence sur le Web : si on commence un site sur le Web aujourd’hui, ex-nihilo, les concepteurs sont libres, à l’intérieur des contraintes qu’ils se sont donnés, d’inventer leur présentation, l’écrin graphique, l’architecture, etc.

Webdesign des portails de Presse | l’Express

L'analyse de sur un blog du ;) Dans un style direct et sans détour, vous voulez que je vous dise, je n’aime pas la plupart des portails pour la (les) raison(s) suivante(s) : Ce n’est pas seulement une affaire de mise en page, ou de choix des typos (bien maigre de toute façon), ce n’est pas le choix des couleurs ou de mettre des images ou pas. C’est un ensemble de choses, qui s’appelle l’expérience utilisateur qui me fait prendre cette position critique.

design et typo » Blog Archive » pourquoi j’ai rejoint les “designers interactifs”

pourquoi j’ai rejoint les “designers interactifs” & reflexion entammée sur les portails de presse


David Seah

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Dave is an interactive / GUI / graphic designer based in the Boston / Southern New Hampshire area. Available for freelance projects.