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TC Cribs:, The Startup Office That Feels Like Home (Because It Used To Be One) | TechCrunch

In this episode of Cribs, we headed over to, the startup that’s built a web platform for developers and designers.

Teehan+Lax - Defining Experience

We like making things that people use. It is very difficult to capture what we do in a single line so we end up writing these statements that can sound like marketing fluff. Here is a longer explanation of what we do.

The Story of Our Company - The Making of Teehan+Lax | Teehan+Lax

It was June 19, 2002, and I was sitting in a hotel room in San Francisco when I got that news from my managing director. Modem Media, the company where I had served as Creative Director for the past 4 years, was shutting its Toronto office.


Dinahmoe – We Are Interactive

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Beck, daybreak, Lego Build etc...



Founders Kenmei Nagaoka, Seiichi Hishikawa President Seiichi Hishikawa COO, Executive Producer Keiko Iino Producers Takashi Ueno, Noritaka Moriguchi, Koji Karatsu Directors Tetsuro Tsuji, Yusuke Kobayashi, Yutaka Obara Staff Takaharu Shimizu, Tomoya Kamiko Ai Natori, Mizue Kawamura, Natsumi Suzuki Creative Brain Shin Sasaki, Ryosei Suzuki

Whiteboard | We empower visionaries to lead meaningful brands.

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Whiteboard is a creative agency devoted to for-purpose ventures. We combine creative forces with systematic activists—Ideas require implementation and our multi-disciplined network fosters a wide array of abilities that empower visionaries and entrepreneurs to lead meaningful brands.

nclud – a creative web design agency

We are nclud A creative web design agency, focused on unique, stylish and usable experiences across a multitude of verticals, mediums and devices. We work with early stage start-ups, to the Fortune 100, and everyone in between.



Tentwelve builds websites that make the complex seem simple. From information architecture to design to implementation, we develop logical, powerful online solutions customized for each client.

1nterval - Digital Art

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Interval est née d'une véritable passion pour les supports et la création numérique. Aujourd'hui, Interval réalise du "sur mesure", avec une équipe d'experts, pour des projets ambitieux et innovants.La philosophie créative d’Interval ?

Spaceship Collaborative

After founding and helping it grow into a large successful business, Jacob decided to leave the company in 2007 and start over from scratch in true entrepreneurial spirit.


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Goodbye Fancypants Agency. Hello Nosotros. We're an experienced team of down-to-earth people. We make great websites and unforgettable brands.



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Unit 9 is a digital creative production company. Our interactive directors, graphic artists and web specialists have created some of the most entertaining and compelling interactive experiences of the last 10 years.

Juxt Interactive

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UXT is a company that creates from the ground up, top to bottom, or even sideways. It kinda makes sense since we were started by a couple of architects. Lots of people ask us if we only do digital work. Well we like to think and play where people are, and these days that just happens to be the Internet. That suits us just fine because the online space has far less restrictions and barriers than other media. Juxt does not take kindly to limits, or being put in a box.


our company : teehan+lax

When we started our business we had a few ideas about where the industry was going and what kind of role we wanted to fill in the marketplace. Using these insights we formed the basis of how we do business and what we do. We witnessed more clients taking a lot of their work in-house, especially on the technology and maintenance side of the business. We believe that there will be very few end-to-end builds like there was two or three years ago. Instead companies are looking to get the most out of the technology and infrastructure they have purchased.

Pixelingo Copywriting, Editing, Design for the Web

pixelingo is a small studio founded by Carolyn Wood, providing user-experience focused writing, editing, content strategy, and web design services for businesses (micro to massive), nonprofits, and creatives. Based in a grey, drizzly, secret hideaway, we have clients from Maui to Manhattan. Welcome to our unwebsite, the site that Time forgot.



Davidville is a privately held New York-based development company. Since our inception, we have been committed to building state-of-the-art applications to help our customers achieve seriously cool things.


Domani Studios | ©2006

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Whether you need to change the way your business looks, or revolutionize the way it communicates, Domani Studios can provide positive and measurable online results


Uptonic / Interaction Design, Consulting & Development

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Uptonic specializes in interaction design and usability. We solve your communication and information design problems by simplifying the customer experience. This means less head scratching for your customers and fewer headaches for you.

Big Ideas come out of Big Pencils

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Despite the fact that they trail Ogilvy, Y&R, Thompson, Coudal and DDB in the all-important agency rankings, they still can do some nice creative work at Burnett, especially out of their Canadian office. A seriously great site.