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Responsive Advertising | Mark Boulton

Recently at Mark Boulton Design, we’ve been working on a redesign of the global visual language for a large sports network. Like many web sites delivering news and editorial content, they rely on advertising for their revenue — either through multiple ad slots on the page, or from video pre-rolls.


Widgets: The Future of Online Ads

The sheer volume of Web sites has grown so overwhelming that an increasing number of consumers—not just those in their 20s—are adopting multipurpose tools to help them manage and personalize the vast amount of data thrown at them every day. The mainstream adoption of online social networks such as Facebook and MySpace and personalized home pages such as iGoogle and Netvibes reflects attempts by consumers to make the Web more manageable. This new mindset, not surprisingly, also holds for the way in which the audience is willing to engage with ads.


Publicité sur le web : que fait l'ergonomie ? - Ergolab

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La publicité sur le web est omniprésente. Comme tout élément de contenu constitutif d’un site Internet, elle entraîne des questionnements ergonomiques. Notre objectif consiste à laisser la publicité jouer son rôle, tout en limitant ses défauts potentiels du point de vue de la qualité d’utilisation d’un site.

The Handshake Company - Worldwide Handshaking

The Handshake Company, founded Spring 2007. The mission of The Handshake Company is to shake hands with the world, one shake at a time. Our full-fledged Specialists have proven that they have what it takes to make a handshake happen. They climb onto pages hosting our banner (like the one on the right of this page) to fearlessly meet strangers and shake their hands. The Specialists work day and night to keep that total handshake counter moving higher and higher.


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powered by publicis networks, une nouvelle manière de recruter des freelances ?


BannerBlog : Where Banners Click

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Banner Blog started in June 2005 to showcase* online advertising, much of which goes unnoticed. It was also seen as a good opportunity to pimp our own work too! BannerBlog was created by Ashley Ringrose who works at Soap Creative, a small & friendly interactive agency and Ashadi Hopper who works at RMG Connect, one of the larger multinational agencies around town.

CYON idea

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Flashtalking ::: Online Video Adverts

Why do advertisers choose Flashtalking for online vide ? The simplest solutions are usually the best. With online video advertising this is certainly true.