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September 2008

Museum 2.0

Museum 2.0 explores ways that web 2.0 philosophies can be applied in museum design.

April 2008

PiliPili : bons plans (restaurants, shopping, sorties) et bon de réduction à imprimer

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PiliPili c’est votre guide de Rennes et votre guide de Grenoble (et bientôt disponible dans toutes les grandes villes de France), pour une sélection d’avantages et de bons plans sur les restaurants, sorties, activités de loisirs, shopping… Le magazine à découper devient donc le site des bons de réduction à imprimer…

March 2008


Have you ever wanted to take your friends or audience and build your own social content website, inspired by YouTube, CitySearch, IMDB, Wikipedia, Yelp, or Flickr? It used to take thousands of dollars and computer programming knowledge to make a site where people could collaborate on content. Now, with BricaBox, you can have your own social content website, powered by you and your friends, group or audience, in just minutes, and for free! Click here to get started.

January 2008

December 2007

BBC redesign: tellys have rounded corners, right? : Journal : Mark Boulton

Dinosaurs designing websites

What strikes me most plainly about this design is how the effect of a big, lumbering organisation can impact on a redesign. A good few months ago, or maybe years, when this proposal was first taking shape, it was probably the time when curved gradients, reflections and like were at the forefront of the ‘web 2.0 aesthetic’. Thing is, it takes any large organisation ages to get their shit together. Which is why designing to visual trends such as this is so risky. If your organisation can’t react quickly enough to keep up, then go the classic design route every time. If you don’t, your design will look dated within months. Or, in this case, even before it’s launched.

November 2007

Crusher website ~ Send invites for free

Corral your friends with a free, sleek e-mail invite customizable with pictures and videos. Why: You’ve got a crush


by 1 other is a fun IOU system built on Twitter that helps you track who you owe beers to (and vice versa). All you have to do is follow the account "ioubeer" and then send it @replies. So, say you owe me a beer for helping you change a flat tire, this is what you'd send to Twitter: @ioubeer

October 2007

MoodBlast — Circle Six Blog

You’ve discovered MoodBlast, yet more software to help you stay on top of your web life by simultaneously updating multiple chat clients and web services. MoodBlast is a standalone menubar app with a user-configurable system-wide hotkey that pops up an input window for your “blast”. The list of clients will probably continue to grow as APIs improve. I’m trying to avoid as much roundabout hacking as possible, making as much use as I can of available APIs. Therefore, MSN Messenger is currently off of my list, as is Pownce. We’ll see if either come around.

Bix: Lip-Sync, Karaoke, Photography, Comedy, Dance, A cappella, Writing, Beauty, and more

As Shakespeare himself once lip-synced, "All the world's a karaoke stage" (wait, maybe that was Bix user ShakyG from New Jersey?). Either way, the point is, the Web has now opened up a crazy new world of possibilities. Which is perfect for budding superstars like you, who are just waiting to strut your stuff. And Bix is center stage to all the fun. In a nutshell Bix lets you create, enter, and judge online contests.

September 2007, summum du web collaboratif merdique. « Victoire au poing

Intérêt de Pour le moment, aucun, sauf si vous souhaitez entretenir le buzz, ou l’analyser comme un phénomène de mode. A trop vouloir synthétiser les dernières tendances du Web 2.0, se viande littéralement… pour le moment. Après tout, il est ouvert depuis peu.

Le nouveau site du Monde,, bientôt en poste | Rue89

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Pour Rue89, le lancement de est une bonne nouvelle. Qu'un groupe de presse comme le Monde lance un projet présentant des caractéristiques communes est pour nous un encouragement. Nous souhaitons bonne chance et longue vie à ce nouveau confrère.

PocketMod version 0.3 beta

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The free disposable personal organizer!

July 2007

Glossaire 2.0 : focus, widget et monétiser - La Tortue Cynique / The Cynical Turtle

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Focuser Concentrer. Exemple : on ne trouve plus aujourd'hui de berlingots de lait focusé sucré dans les supermarchés.

Télévision 2.0 et vidéo numérique: TV 2.0 : croissance ou substitution ?

Lors de la première journée du Forum des Opérateurs, à Levallois-Perret, les dirigeants de M6, Lagardère Active et TF1 [voir ci-dessous l’interview vidéo d’Yves Goblet, DGa de TF1] ont exprimé leurs points de vue sur les mutations en cours sous l’effet de la convergence entre médias et télécoms.

silverorange | Our Work

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art direction for digg, mozilla, pownce...

June 2007

Sramana Mitra on Strategy » Blog Archive » Travel & Web 3.0: Overview

Online Travel is one of the top segments that draws over 2% of the Internet traffic and approximately 24% of online advertising dollars, and in this series, we will evaluate the category against the Web 3.0 framework.

Sramana Mitra on Strategy » Blog Archive » Web 3.0 = (4C P VS)

I have written a few pieces already addressing the disjointed nature of the web, whereby, you go one place for content, another for community, and a third for commerce, the most notable of these is the popular, 4C: Yahoo’s Turnaround Formula. Let’s quickly recap the terminology: 3C = Content, Commerce, Community | 4th C = Context | P = Personalization | VS = Vertical Search This, I submit, is the formula for the future: Web 3.0 = (4C P VS).

Sramana Mitra on Strategy » Blog Archive » Web 3.0 & Yahoo! Travel

I have just published an overview of the Online Travel segment. You may want to read that, before reading this review. In this section we will analyze the Yahoo! Travel site based on the Web 3.0 framework. The site provides information on travel destinations, best bargains on hotel and travel fares. It has an attractive interface and navigation is simple and easy. However, as a late entrant, it needs to do so much more to differentiate and become a “destination”.

Web 3.0 & Yahoo! Travel

Strategy consultant Sramana Mitra analyzes the Yahoo! Travel site based on his Web 3.0 framework formula, concluding that the site is heavy on content, but light on personalization.

Web 2.0 Travel Tools

This blog is devoted to creating a list of web 2.0 websites and webtools that are, in some way, related to Travel and Tourism. Please email me any suggested websites (or post in the comment area).

Youtube Remixer

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powered by Adobe premiere express.... mais que va faire dailymotion !!


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localisation via google maps des messages / utilisateurs de twitter

Comment faire un système d’alerte SMS gratuit grâce à Twitter

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Les services Web 2.0 mettent à disposition des outils pour être alerté de tel ou tel mouvement directement sur votre portable et cela, gratuitement (simplement le coût d’activation du service qui est uniquement le prix d’un SMS non surtaxé mais hors zone). En plus d’offrir ce genre de service gratuitement, ils offrent bien généralement une API !


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powered by publicis networks, une nouvelle manière de recruter des freelances ?