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Life and death in Aleppo (PHOTOS) | GlobalPost

Earlier this week, I was filming a feature on life on the frontlines of Aleppo, Syria. I was camping out with the men of Noor Den al-Zenke batallion, who man a two-block stretch of back streets that now forms the final line between government troops and opposition forces.

Ingeniously Charting The Horrifying Power Of Today's Nuclear Bombs | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

The mushroom cloud of Russia’s biggest nuke was 8 times the height of Mt. Everest. This infographic will give you a visceral feel for that that means.


The American Image - The Photographs of John Collier Jr.

The American Image: The Photographs of John Collier Jr. was developed with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology and College of Education’s Technology & Education Center (TEC) at the University of New Mexico collaborated with Ideum to develop this interactive website. Most of the photographs that appear on this site were taken for the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information (FSA/OWI) during the war years of the 1940s. The FSA/OWI hired John Collier Jr. to document day-to-day life in America with a focus on issues of civil defense and public morale. The images that appear in the collection were taken from across the country, from New Mexico to Maine and provide a snapshot of ordinary life in those extraordinary times.


fbi weapons

The FBI knives collection....


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design by Incandescence pour ARTE | get your war on

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David Rees reads and signs "Get Your War On II"

World War 2 Pictures In Color

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The Internet's Largest Collection of Rare Color Photographs from WWII



Be ready ! Join Now ! Halt ! Who goes there ? Take Up the Sword of Justice

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