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September 2007

Neon Graveyard

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There is an awesome museum in Vegas that collects all the old neon signs that have been decommissioned. Here's a link to their site.

présentation d’un nouveau logiciel graphique en ... 1984 - Etienne Mineur archives

Voici une vidéo de Susan Kare présentant les possibilités (pot de peinture pour remplir une zone, trames, sélection de zones au lasso, annulation...) d’un nouveau logiciel sur un nouvel ordinateur du nom de MacPaint, nous sommes en 1984 (le lancement officiel du Macintosh : 24 janvier 1984) .

August 2007

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May 2007

Console Portraits: A 40-Year Pictorial History of Gaming

Forty years ago this month Ralph Baer -- a German-born inventor who fled to America from fascist Germany -- built and played the first home-video game. Called the "Brown Box" the proto-console was a nondescript unit powered by D-cells and wired to a black-and-white TV. "It's obvious that no one could have foreseen what it would develop into," Baer says today.

April 2007


à base de BMX et d'années 80

March 2007

Les objets cultes des 80's

Dans les années 80, pendant qu'on regardait CROQUE VACANCES, les inventeurs inventaient, les créateurs créaient, le commerce commerçait et nous on achetait. Retrouvez maintenant un florilège des objets cultes des années 80, nos années CROQUE VACANCES.

Steampunk Keyboard Mod

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My goal with this project was to build a retro keyboard that was fully functional and of a sufficient quality that it could be used everyday by a touch typist. In order to achieve this I chose a high quality (though widely available) keyboard as my starting point. This is an IBM Model M "Clicky" keyboard. They were made starting in the mid 1980's and a version is still manufactured today. This particular keyboard was made in 1989 and shipped with and IBM PowerStation 530, a UNIX box the size of a kegerator.

February 2007

Visuel de "campagne" pour Sarkozy

Une mouette au-dessus d'un paysage de campagne. La campagne pour rassurer, montrer l'incarnation concrète, la mouette pour incarner l'envol, le changement, le décollage. Nicolas Sarkozy, au centre, oeil fier et simple. Fausse campagne, comme dessinée, fausse mouette qui bouge dans un faux ciel. Presque faux Nicolas au centre, tant il est retouché. Police moderniste, carré-ronde. Tout ça est une réponse très cohérente à un brief complet. Mais est-elle pour autant pertinente, juste ? Le style est celui d'une communication des années 80, de la grande campagne publicitaire.

January 2007

Speak n Spell

Emulateur de la dictée magique

December 2006

Vintage Concert Posters - Buy or Sell Concert Posters

An interesting mixture of cultural events started to change things in R&R in the sixties. With the arrival of the Beatles that began to take the music in a significantly different direction, garage band want-a-be's started popping up all over the place, but none so strong as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Peace, Love, Civil Rights, Antiwar and mind altering drugs mixed to start a steady stream of new edge rock with bands such as the Seeds, Doors, Mamas & Papas, Mothers, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver, Big Brother and a host of others. Not only was the music changing, but the way these bands presented themselves to the community and fans changed with new designs - gone were the old formats of boxing-style, block lettering and circus type traveling tour shows. The following are some of my favorites - ENJOY, the art is truly a delight, not to mention the flood of memories from such a great period.

1164 Morning Glory Circle: Bewitched Stuff

Here are some audio clips and title sequence images from Bewitched. Copying, duplication or redistribution of any of these audio files and images without my prior written consent is prohibited. The theme song, written by Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller, came in four flavors during the opening credits: One version for season 1, another for season 2 (not included below), and two more for seasons 3-5 and 6-8. The opening cartoon by Hanna-Barbera also had three versions. Seasons 1-2 (photographed in black-and-white), 3-5 and 6-8 (with Dick Sargent).

November 2006

Purchase of The Week - a photoset on Flickr

A flickr set of my thrifty secondhand purchases. View more at my blog at

October 2006

Bird in the Hand's photosets on Flickr

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San Francisco artist, Lisa Congdon, was born in 1968 to a textile artist mother and physicist father. Through her mother’s influence, Lisa's love of art and craft began at a young age, though she has never had any formal artistic training. She uses her lack of training to her advantage; instead of relying on refined technique, she uses her own raw sense of what looks aesthetically pleasing as her guide.

Krazy Kids Items - a photoset on Flickr

KREAM KRUNCH - Chunks of REAL ICE CREAM freeze-dried in a nutritious cereal....hummmmm yummy !

September 2006

Retro To Go: Design

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a guide to all things hip and retro

The 10th Anniversary of Flash - Most Influential Flash Site Of The Decade

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ohlalalalala les vieux souvenirs de site flash de 1996 a télécharger pendant trois heures au modem 56k


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August 2006

Tupperware Postcards

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See you at my Tupperware party !