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Sri | Sri

Sri is a by-appointment textile gallery specializing in antique Japanese folk textiles, highlighting the indigo dyed cotton fabrics and boro--or patched and mended--textiles of old Japan.

VC&G | 50 Vintage Web Ad Banners

While browsing through my file archives some years ago, I ran across a few folders of locally cached web pages. Browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer saved these files in order to speed up load times upon future visits to the same sites. Browsers today do the same thing, but the functionality was far more vital in the days of sluggish dial-up modem connections.

Urban Remains Chicago | reclaimed and recycled american antique architectural artifacts and other oddities

our vast website collection contains over 20,000 meticulously documented and photographed recovered and/or found artifacts found throughout the united states. new acquisitions are added daily to their respective categories found on the homepage. urban remains does not deal in new or reproduction building artifacts.

Stunning Animated GIFs Colorize Vintage Black and White Photos - My Modern Met

Photographs are a link to the past, and with advances in technology, we’re able to colorize what was once only in black and white. The Dutch website NSMBL recently shared a collection of images that show the “before” and “after” of digital colorization. That alone is interesting, but better yet, the process is revealed in the form of animated GIFs. Vintage monochromatic photos come alive with hues right before our eyes




Un trésor découvert dans un appartement parisien inoccupé depuis plus de 70 ans - OrSériE - Créé à l'initiative de Clarins, OrSériE est une plate-forme participative qui offre aux internautes et blogueurs, un lieu d'échanges et d'informations sur

Le temps s’était arrêté depuis l’entre-deux-guerres dans cet appartement de 140 m2 du 9ème arrondissement. Un chef d’œuvre y était accroché au salon : le "Portrait de Madame de Florian", une huile sur toile de Giovanni Boldini. Le tableau a été adjugé frais compris à 2.108.000 euros le 28 septembre dernier, lors de la vente de tableaux, mobilier et objets d’art de la société des ventes volontaires de Choppin de Janvry & Associés.


swissted is an ongoing project by graphic designer mike joyce, owner of stereotype design in new york city. drawing from his love of punk rock and swiss modernism, two movements that have absolutely nothing to do with one another, mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, and indie rock show flyers into international typographic style posters. each poster is sized to the standard swiss kiosk dimensions of 35.5 inches wide by 50 inches high and set in berthold akzidenz grotesk medium, all lowercase. every single one of these shows actually happened.



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The images below are all exactly to scale, 10 pixels to a meter. Internet Explorer users may Click and Drag the starships to compare them as you like. At the bottom of the image are some contemporary vehicles and buildings for reference. Have fun!

Engineering 102A: Starship Recognition Protocols » Star Trek Minutiae

An informational course in the basic methods of identifying the starships of Federation, friendly, hostile, and unknown powers. Key characteristics of all Starfleet and Federation vessels currently in use are discussed, along with the general design features of known friendly and hostile forces. Basic hull designs and configurations, propulsion systems, and weapons emplacements are also considered. Offered First and Second Terms. (From the Starfleet Academy catalog, 2377-2378)

Starship Obready : Articles: La technologie Star Trek Classic

Avez-vous remarqué que plusieurs technologies d'aujourd'hui se sont inspirées de la populaire série classique Star Trek ? Le créateur des séries Star Trek, Gene Roddenbury, a été un grand visionnaire. Pas seulement pour illustrer des concepts sociologiques toujours d'actualité, mais aussi dans l'imagination d'un futur technologique très plausible. Il avait apparemment quelques bons contacts à la NASA qui le conseillaient sur l'avenir scientifique de différents outillages. Il faut se dire que la série classique se déroulait à la fin des années 60 !!! Ils ont visé assez juste, avec quelques centaines d'années d'avance en plus.

Home | Sheaff : ephemera

Sheaff : ephemera A place for show-and-tell, wondering aloud, and wandering the trails of curiosity . . . Comments, corrrections, additional information, fresh insights, other interpretations, more images, or related observations will be welcomed!

Leeds Play Bills

The Playbills site The Leeds Playbills site is part of the Leodis digitisation project funded by the New Opportunities Fund. What is available? This site is making available all the playbills in the Local Studies Library collection from a wide range of Leeds Theatres such as The City Varieties, The Grand, The Princess and the Theatre Royal. The site provides a unique insight into theatre life in Leeds between 1781 and the 1990's. The site also contains some circus bills, such as those from Pablo Fanque's Circus.


1.03: The Dragon Ate My Homework

They are online virtual worlds built from words. They are so popular that educators are alarmed. MUDs are the latest rage on college campuses all around the world. Australia has even banned them.


[Topic unique M42] Objectif, bague, stigomètre... - EOS-Numerique

A la demande de plusieurs personnes et avec l'accord bien entendu de Baylyns, voici un Topic sur les bagues M42 et les objectifs anciens.

Bagues M42 -

Depuis la démocratisation des reflex numériques nous assistons au retour des objectifs M42. Nous ne parlerons pas ici de ces objectifs de qualité très variable mais des bagues qui permettent leur adaptation (sur canon eos dans notre cas).