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July 2006

Téléchargez les vidéos Google au format avi

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Une astuce provenant de Google Operating System nous apprend qu’il est possible de télécharger les vidéos présentes sur la plateforme de Google non plus au format GVI mais au format AVI.

Motion -

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Fubiz est un site d'actualité qui comprend un système de news et de dossiers, une galerie, un forum et un espace d'arcade. Il existe dans sa forme actuelle depuis avril 2005.

// Birdy Nam Nam //

DMC world team champion, nice videos

Spin dj is a god

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nice short movie ;)

June 2006

WAT – Interview de Neville Brody

Neville Brody, designer et directeur artistique britannique incarne l'avant garde du graphisme depuis plus de 20 ans. Via ses Studios Research, Neville innove à nouveau en designant le site Wat et en amenant un vent de fraîcheur au web 2.0.

BumpTop Prototype -

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BumpTop aims to enrich the desktop metaphor with expressive, lightweight techniques found in the real world.

An Eye For Annai

Sheridan design students Jonathan Klassen and Dan Rodrigues present a lovely animated short entitled An Eye For Annai. "This film was done by me and Dan Rodrigues in our third year at Sheridan College's Classical Animation Program. Everything is hand drawn and animated. We coloured the animation digitally, and the backgrounds are a mix of traditional and digital. I played the recorder for the soundtrack, and the jazz music near the middle is from Louis Armstrong's "Jeepers Creepers". The whole film comes in at just under 5 minutes long, and we're pretty darn proud of it. Tell your friends."

Tween 2005 Awards

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The results are in for the first annual Tween Awards. Behold the glorious winners! If you know any of them, buy them a drink and slap them heartily on the back. It's their work that keeps our engines running in this mad, mad world of design and animation. Thanks to all the Tween readers for their participation. Your votes and suggestions made the Tween Awards possible. Special thanks also to Tween author Babe Baker for coming up with the idea of the Tween Awards in the first place.


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les clics d'or selon dame pipi / upian-inside

May 2006

IGN: Red Steel Trailer, Videos and Movies

trailers de red steel sur la prochaine nintendo

NASA - Titan Descent Data Movie with Bells and Whistles - Movie

This movie, built with data collected during the European Space Agency's Huygens probe on Jan. 14, 2005, shows the operation of the Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer camera during its descent and after touchdown. The camera was funded by NASA.

April 2006

AIGA - Artist video series

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Reading about designers can be moving. Seeing their work can be inspiring and, at times, can provoke us to action. Hillman Curtis, in his video series, allows us to experience leading designers through sound and motion, uncovering what it is about them that inspires him.

March 2006

AMAZING Drum Solo by Tony Royster Jr - Google Video

Amazing drum solo by Tony Royter Jr, a drummer with only twelve years-old. 7-8 minutes of drum solo.

KHRONOS PROJECTOR - Alvaro Cassinelli

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The Khronos Projector is an interactive-art installation allowing people to explore pre-recorded movie content in an entirely new way. A classic video-tape allows a simple control of the reproducing process (stop, backward, forward, and elementary control on the reproduction speed). Modern digital players add little more than the possibility to perform random temporal jumps between image frames.

AVI to DVD Video Converter Software - ConvertXtoDVD - VSO Software

ConvertXtoDVD is a video converter software to convert and burn your videos to DVD. With ConvertXtoDVD and a few clicks you can backup your movies to DVD playable on any home DVD player.

FlashGuru Consulting » Free Tool: Flash Video Player

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On Windows if you double-click on a video file it will open in whatever video player you have installed. However, most common video players dont support Flash Video format (FLV’s). So, double clicking on a Flash Video file generally does nothing.