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2006 | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks

by 64 others intends to be a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks. The project's main goal is to leverage a critical understanding of different visualization methods, across a series of disciplines, as diverse as Biology, Social Networks or the World Wide Web. I truly hope this space can inspire, motivate and enlighten any person doing research on this field.


Subtraction: The Funniest Grid You Ever Saw

An in-depth look at the complicated layout grid behind The Onion.

Five simple steps to designing grid systems - Part 4 : Journal : Mark Boulton | Information design

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Layout seems to be a hot topic at the moment, mostly prompted by the ALA redesign and the numerous discussions of the choice by Jason and the ALA team to go 1024 for a fixed width. I'm not going to go into my thoughts on ALA in too much depth here, there's been a lot of that already, but it seems like the right time to get this article out.

Designit - All around you

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Designing your brand from product to communication. Cool web design.

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collecting best practice web standards design examples


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Douglas Bowman is an influential designer whose highly publicized and hugely successful redesigns of sites like Blogger, Wired News, and Adaptive Path have pushed him to the forefront of standards-compliant web design.