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December 2006

David Seah

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Dave is an interactive / GUI / graphic designer based in the Boston / Southern New Hampshire area. Available for freelance projects.

November 2006

Information Architects Japan » Blog Archive » The Interface of a Cheeseburger

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All things have an interface. Shaping interfaces is shaping the character of things. The brand is what transports the character of things. When looking at McDonalds, iPod, Nintendo DS it becomes quite obvious that the interface is the brand.

Microsoft Design | People | Tjeerd Hoek, Design Director

"It's important to us that beyond utility, there is an emotional connection."

Anil Dash: Names Behind the New Face of Windows

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Windows Vista's astoundingly long beta period is winding down (they just sent out the "what did you think of the beta?" surveys to testers), which means a whole wave of analyses of the new user interface is about to be unleashed.

August 2006

Design Inside Yahoo!: George Oates | unraveled

This is the second interview of Design Inside Yahoo! This time, I interviewed George Oates, the UI designer at Flickr. I talked to George about Flickr’s beginnings at Ludicorp, its place in Yahoo!’s social media strategy and the Flickr design process.

Anand Agarawala's Homepage!

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Skilled in rapid prototyping interactive graphics and 2D/3D user interfaces. Extensive training in fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Usability. Proficient videographer, productions include 3D Animation, Music Videos, Short Film Fiction, Documentary, Interactive Flash, TV segment and opening sequences, Advertisements, Visual Effects and Bluescreening.