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Twitter Isn't As Democratic As You Think | ThinkProgress

But while social media revolutionizes how the world responds to political and social events, it may be a double-edged sword. Researchers warned that the tendency to fixate on a small number of opinions encourages the proliferation of rumors, misinformation, and political polarization.

Twitter buys social data provider Gnip, stock soars | Reuters

The company previously allowed third-party firms such as Gnip, Datasift and Dataminr to buy access to the tweets and then re-sell that data to corporate clients.


What You Look Like to a Social Network

This infographic allows you to explore the categories of information that various social networks make available to other applications. If you log in to a Web site with your Twitter account, this is what Twitter sends about you to the site. If you play Farmville on Facebook, this is what is sent to Farmville. Those applications, in turn, often give data about your activities back to the social network. These exchanges of information take place through what’s known as an application programming interface, or an A.P.I. Read more here. (To use the infographic, click to zoom in and see specific fields; click on the black bar to zoom back out.)

Dave Eggers made me quit Twitter -

Now that I’m back on social media, I’m realizing that the answer isn’t necessarily to deprive yourself. It’s better to find a balance and not think of your life as existing in 140 characters or status updates.


Video chat with your friends (and/or customers) on Twitter with only a web browser!

Twitter Shows The Way Forward With Do Not Track | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Twitter Shows The Way Forward With Do Not Track Twitter today announced a new way of targeting advertisements for its users, including a partnership with three online tracking firms: media6degrees (m6d), Chango, and Adara. This new system will display ads based on your behavior and reading habits, which show up as "Promoted Tweets" or "Promoted Accounts." This is typical of the direction that major online companies are moving. But Twitter has made some praiseworthy design decisions:

Why Twitter’s ad-tracking system is actually great news for the Do Not Track camp | VentureBeat

In matters of Do Not Track, Twitter is doing things very, very right. The company unveiled yesterday its new ad retargeting effort, which lets it display advertisements to users based on their browsing activity. Basically, if you search for something like jeans online, you’re going to start a lot more advertisements for jeans in your Twitter feed. As Twitter argues, it’s all about seeing better, more relevant ads (and making more money from advertisers).

Visualizing 3 Billion Tweets | MapBox

This is a look at 3 billion tweets - every geotagged tweet since September 2011, mapped, showing facets of Twitter's ecosystem and userbase in incredible new detail, revealing demographic, cultural, and social patterns down to city level detail, across the entire world. We were brought in by the data team at Gnip, who have awesome APIs and raw access to the Twitter firehose, and together Tom and data artist Eric Fischer used our open source tools to visualize the data and build interfaces that let you explore the stories of space, language, and access to technology.

Twitter ouvre ses données à la puissante agence de publicité WPP

Twitter fait ami-ami avec l'agence de publicité britannique WPP. Les deux sociétés ont conclu un partenariat stratégique à travers lequel le puissant groupe publicitaire et de communication britannique (70 milliards de dollars de revenus !) utilisera les données du réseau social afin de mieux cibler les campagnes de ses clients.

Tune in with Twitter TV - Brian Solis

Have you ever watched TV while using a laptop, smart phone, or tablet? Wait, why am I asking. Of course you have. That’s what we all do now right? So I guess the real question to ask is how often do you use Twitter vs. Facebook while watching TV? In many ways, Twitter is becoming a bona fide second screen experience while watching television. And in many ways, TV may also serve as the second screen to those engrossed in their Twitter streams. If you think about it, the idea that the TV becomes the second screen to digital experiences is rather provocative. Perhaps this is why Twitter is making some notable moves in the television analytics market recently.

Brace yourselves for the proliferation of the 'finger hashtag'

The hashtag was born on IRC networks before migrating to Twitter and evolving into something that people verbalised ("hashtag fail"). Now some factions are trying to turn it into a gestural expression and Nimrod Kamer -- a filmmaker and journalist -- is all for it. You can follow him on Twitter at @nnimrodd

Je me suis désintoxiqué de Twitter chez les moines | CLES

« Prenez un homme ultraconnecté (c'est moi), dans la force de l'âge (41 ans), ôtez-lui ses jouets (iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac), débranchez-le (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) et placez-le sept jours dans le silence absolu d'une abbaye cistercienne.

Twitter launches Vine iPhone app | Technology |

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Twitter has launched a standalone video-sharing app for iPhone called Vine, which enables users to share clips up to six seconds in length, which play on a loop within tweets.


When Did You Join Twitter?

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Enter your twitter username and we'll tell you when you created your account.


The musing of Martin Hawksey (EdTech Explorer)

SocialBro - Explore your Twitter community

Manage your social contacts: Take group actions saving time Analyze your audience: Understand in depth who your followers are Search and filter your community: Identify influencers with your own criteria See when your followers are online: Take full advantage of every tweet you send

5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics

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Social media analytics and tracking can be very time-consuming and expensive. You’ll find quite a few smart social media monitoring tools, but what if you can’t afford them?

Topsy - Instant social insight

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Make better decisions. Analyze billions of conversations in realtime.

Why the same icons repeat on that cool Washington Post Twitter graphic marking 1 million Twitter followers | Poynter.

As The Washington Post’s Twitter account neared its millionth follower, social media editor Mark Luckie found a use for a template he’d had kicking around for a while: A nifty animated mosaic that would let him pay tribute to the site’s followers by incorporating their avatars into a trippy, endlessly clickable portrait.

Antoine et Le Monde

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Parce que la répartie à la con d'Antoine de Caunes me fait marray.

Un reportage cartographié en direct - Samsa | nouveaux médias | Samsa | nouveaux médias

La BBC vient de se livrer à un exercice inédit de reportage en direct avec des journalistes et des amateurs dont les résultats se sont affichés en direct sur une carte interactive. Ce n’est pas très clair, alors reprenons. Les médaillés « héros » britanniques des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques défilent jeudi dernier dans les rues de Londres. Deux journalistes de la BBC sont présents sur le parcours et ils envoient des mini-reportages (140 caractère maximum) en temps réél avec leur téléphone portable via Twitter. Ils peuvent également envoyer des photos. Le tout s’affiche sur la carte.

Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap

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In a single collection, Font Awesome is a pictographic language of web-related actions

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