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Thoughts About Photography: Updated 35mm Lego Camera Design

Inspired by George Bristol’s variation on the film advance mechanism of my Lego camera, I have reworked the design of my 35mm Lego camera. The new camera has several things going for it. Overall it is slightly smaller. It now has an internal shutter mechanism which replaces the clumsy swinging door of the earlier model. Most importantly, I came up with a simple way to rewind the film so now the camera no longer needs to be unloaded in the dark. I have tested a couple of rolls of film with it and the improvements make this a very fun little toy! I am seriously starting to consider selling these, perhaps on Ebay. Would anybody be interested? What do you think it would be worth?


Winston's Lego Computer

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Maybe Lego can create a new niche market for itself by making ATX, Micro-ATX, or Mini-ITX form factor pieces w/ some metal shielding. That would really drive up sales of new and used Lego, especially for adults that want a PC for their kids in their networked home.