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transformer un ftp en viewer d'images


Flickr ! C’est aussi des milliards de visages ! « Flickr Blog

Nous avons lancé une nouvelle fonctionnalité “Personnes présentes sur la photo” qui vous permet maintenant de mettre des noms sur des visages de membres de l’univers Flickr. Cet outil va donc vous faciliter la vie pour mettre en avant des membres que vous avez photographiés

bmPress - social bookmarking for the Wordpress platform

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bmPress add social bookmarking capabilities to the Wordpress publishing platform With bmPress you can: * reclaim your bookmarks and publish your bookmarking activity on your personal blog * create a small social bookmarking community for your company, your groups, your friends The first release of bmPress (0.1) is available right now and is waiting for your feedback.


Color Design Blog / Color Inspiration from the Masters of Painting by COLOURlovers

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The world has seen thousands of artists and millions of great pieces of art, but we chose just a handful of pieces of art from some of greatest masters of painting to show a little of how they were inspired by color… or perhaps, how they inspire us with color.


coComment - clear conversation in the blogosphere

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When you comment on a blog, coComment keeps a copy of your message on a special page - called "your conversations" - that allows you to quickly see your comment and where it was posted, with a link to the original site.



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Kubrickr is a tool that lets you replace that giant blue blob at the top of your WordPress 1.5 blog with a nice photo from Flickr.


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See & snap. Drag & drop. A photoblog for the rest of us. And absolutely free. folderblog is a ~20kb PHP script that automatically displays the images placed in a given subdirectory. It can be used as either a blog or as a gallery — and just about anything in between.

Stopdesign | New Photo Galleries

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"Put them online of course. Problem is, I’ve never been satisfied with the photo gallery services currently available, especially for mass quantities of photos. So I looked into alternatives."

[ daikini software ]

Photon exports photos from your iPhoto photo library directly to your weblog. No muss. No fuss.