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Daily | Time tracking for professionals

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World's most convenient time tracking companion for professionals.

Future Timeline | Technology | Singularity | 2020 | 2050 | 2100 | 2150 | 2200 | 21st century | 22nd century | 23rd century | Humanity | Predictions | Events

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Welcome to the future! Below, you will find a speculative timeline of future history. Part fact and part fiction, the timeline is based on detailed research that includes analysis of current trends, long-term environmental changes, advances in technology such as Moore's Law, future medical breakthroughs, the evolving geopolitical landscape and more. Where possible, references have been provided to support the predictions. We also have a blog covering the latest news and breakthroughs. FutureTimeline is an ongoing, collaborative project that is open for discussion – we welcome ideas from scientists, futurists, inventors, writers and anyone else interested in future trends.

Timeline documentation

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The Timeline is an interactive visualization chart to visualize events in time. The events can take place on a single date, or have a start and end date (a range). You can freely move and zoom in the timeline by dragging and scrolling in the Timeline. Events can be created, edited, and deleted in the timeline. The time scale on the axis is adjusted automatically, and supports scales ranging from milliseconds to years.

Responsive vertical timeline with CSS – Christian Fei – Web Developer

Do you need a simple yet beautiful timeline to demonstrate the clients you worked for, recent achievements and events in your life in a chronological order? Your search ends here: let me introduce you to Timeline.css

jQuery Timelinr ↝ CSSLab

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This simple plugin helps you to give more life to the boring timelines. Supports horizontal and vertical layouts, and you can specify parameters for most attributes: speed, transparency, etc.

Timeglider jQuery Plugin/Widget

Timeglider JS is a zooming, panning data-driven timeline widget written in Javascript. This widget is the core of our our timeline authoring and publishing app, and can be integrated into any HTML application environment.


16 Complicated Movie Plots Explained With Infographic Timelines | Blog

Movies often have complex plots, tell their story out of order, or involve time travel. Those things create loops in the storyline that can be difficult to follow at first viewing. Watching a movie a second time (and third, fourth, and so on) can help — and so can infographics. Here are 16 infographics that break down the timelines of some popular movies, organized by genre or storytelling type.


6 Timelines That Explain America's Persistent Gun Culture - Politics - The Atlantic Cities

As we start to reopen a national conversation on gun policy in the wake of Friday's shocking mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, it's as important now to understand the geography of guns as the actual trend lines of gun-related crime over time in the past several decades.

Sony Music Timeline by Alex Fowkes

Sony Music has unveiled a graphic installation documenting the company's 125 year musical history. Designed by Alex Fowkes, winner of Creative Review's "One to Watch" in 2011, the Sony Music Timeline runs throughout the central atrium of Sony's open plan Derry Street offices. The Installation features nearly 1000 names of artists signed to Sony Music and its affiliated labels from the foundation of Columbia Records in 1887 to the present day, including musical icons Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin, The Clash, Michael Jackson and many many more. Interspersed among the artist names are certain key developments in technology, musical formats and corporate history - from the invention of early recording cylinders to vinyl, cassette, CD, radio, MTV, the Sony Walkman, the iPod and the introduction of digital streaming services. The work is organised by decade into 54 columns measuring over 2 meters tall and covering almost 150 square meters of wall space. It uses CNC cut vinyl as the sole medium for the whole installation. Emma Pike, VP Industry Relations, who commissioned the piece said, “The brief was to bring the inspiration of our music into the heart of our building and make our office space live and breathe our incredible musical legacy. Alex’s beautiful graphics and illustrations do exactly that.” Sony’s partnership with Fowkes is set to continue as the Sony Music Timeline will grow each year with the addition of new artist names signed by the major.

The Evolution of Digital Advertising | Ads of the World™

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Over the past decade, display advertising has evolved from being static display ads to engaging formats across multiple platforms with numerous features from dynamic messaging to interactive video. Take a look back at how the industry has evolved and what digital advertising means today


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Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use.

Beautiful web-based timeline software

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Create beautiful timelines! Tiki-Toki is the best and easiest way to create beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the web Simple to use You’ll be creating timelines in minutes Nothing to download Tiki-Toki works in your browser. Sign up for our free account and you can start creating a timeline now Include images and videos Tiki-Toki provides integration with YouTube and Vimeo for videos Share timelines with anyone Each timeline you create has its own unique url that you can send to friends or colleagues Colours and categories Tiki-Toki allows you to create different categories for stories (events) and colour code them Group edit* Get your friends or colleagues to contribute to your timelines Embed timelines on your site* Timelines created using Tiki-Toki can be embedded on your own website or blog *Premium accounts only



Color Chart: Reinventing Color from 1950 to Today

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This exhibition takes as its point of departure the commercial color chart, an item that openly declares the status of color as mass-produced and standardized. Midway through th twentieth century, long-held convictions regarding the spiritual or emotional power of particular colors gave way to the embrace of color as an ordinary commodity.

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