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March 2007

arial or helvetica? | a quiz from

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Once there was a typeface called Helvetica. It was extremely popular. Later came a software company called Microsoft. They “borrowed” Helvetica for their operating system and called it Arial. This inferior typeface is now on millions of desktops all over the world. Can you tell the difference between the original and the rip-off in these ten examples?

April 2006


The AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries is commissioned annually by AIGA, with the support of its partner, Aquent, AIGA's official sponsor for professional development, and in cooperation with Communication Arts magazine. The salary survey is part of a comprehensive program of AIGA activities developed to serve the professional designer with strategies for success as well as sources of inspiration. AIGA is the principal source of information on the design economy.

November 2004

Code Style: Windows font survey results

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Windows font survey results How sure can you be that the font you specify will be present on the end user's machine? The results below are the latest periodic snapshot of the Code Style Windows font survey and should give you greater confidence in selecting a font. Use the article feedback form below if you want to be alerted to future updates.

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