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29 February 2008 15:45

La Chose : web agency and software maker – agence web et développement de logiciels

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SvnX is an open source GUI for most features of the svn client binary. It allows you to browse your working copies, spot changes and operate on them but also to browse logs and revisions of your repositories ! It's written using Panther's new bindings mechanism for maximum flexibility and user experience.

Versions - Mac Subversion Client

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Versions is the first Mac OS X Subversion client that won't make you long for the command line interface anymore. Without over-simplifying the way Subversion is structured, Versions gives a clear overview and all the tools you'll need.

29 February 2008 15:30

Martin Ott - Subversion

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Subversion package for mac osx

29 February 2008 10:30

Beanstalk — Version Control with a Human Face

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Beanstalk is a hosted Subversion system, making it easy to setup, browse, and track Subversion. Beanstalk has built-in integration with your favorite tools such as Basecamp, FogBugz, Campfire and more. Take a quick tour.

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