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Responsible Social Share Links — Jonathan Suh

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Removing third-party social share scripts and using social share URLs will make your site leaner and faster. However, there are some limitations to using traditional share URLs (for example you can’t set custom captions and descriptions with Facebook’s; therefore, you’d have to use Facebook’s SDK and Feed Dialog, or not being able to show the like/tweet/share count) but unless it’s necessary, the benefits of not loading third-party scripts outweight the cons.


Share Everything: Why the Way We Consume Has Changed Forever - Emily Badger - The Atlantic Cities

“What’s really going on here is the urbanization of the world and the reurbanization of American cities,” Turner says. “Either consciously or subconsciously, [people] are realizing that that involves the public realm, the commons, sharing goods and services and infrastructure. And I think that kind of bleeds into your personal life.” In other words, if you’ll share a subway car, why not a kitchen?

The Best of Kickstarter 2012 — Kickstarter

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From groundbreaking projects to inspiring stories, 2012 was a year of many memorable moments on Kickstarter. To celebrate the year that was, our team put together this look back at some of our favorite projects and moments. We hope you enjoy!

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