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There is No Fold (avec images, tweets) · xiwcx · Storify

Luke Wroblewski went on a pretty great twitter tear debunking the persistent myth of "the fold" in contemporary (read: multi-device) web design. For posterity, here are all of the tweets including links to the sources.


Former Microsoft Engineers Launch Pixotale, A Social Networking App For Visual Storytelling | TechCrunch

A pair of ex-Microsoft engineers, Robert Mao and Haitao Li, have launched what they describe as a new social network based around photos and videos with Pixotale, an app that aims to re-imagine long-form storytelling for the mobile era.

Read Time and You — The Story — Medium

Eons ago, a couple of Medium engineers got fed up. They were sick of having to scroll all the way down the page to see how long a story was. It was wearing out their trackpad, it was making their fingers sore, and they figured there must be a better way. So they sat down and devised a simple formula, and the Medium read time was born.

Scroll Depth - A Google Analytics plugin for measuring page scrolling

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Scroll Depth is a small Google Analytics plugin that allows you to measure how far down the page your users are scrolling. It monitors the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% scroll points, sending a Google Analytics Event at each one.


Eephus League Magazine

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"It isn't over till it's over"

Tomato Can Blues

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Scott DiPonio raced to make sure everything was in order — the fighters were ready, the ring girls were on time and the Bud Light was cold.

L'Equipe Explore - C'était des grimpeurs

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ans la mythologie du Tour de France, il incarne la figure romantique du héros solitaire, une sorte de Don Quichotte au grand cœur, instruit par un idéal de grandeur et des humeurs belliqueuses. Quel que soit le but qu’il poursuit, le grimpeur court après sa vérité face aux pentes les plus rudes, et ce huis clos anachronique avec la haute montagne le dévoile dans toute la force de son élévation.

How Search Works - The Story – Inside Search – Google

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Search. It happens billions of times a day in the blink of an eye. Explore the art and science that makes it possible.


Lost and Found : Discover the black-and-white era in full color : The Picture Show : NPR

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"Lost and Found" was published on NPR's Picture Show on 9/14/12. It was produced and reported by Claire O'Neill and designed and developed by Wesley Lindamood. Photographs by Charles W. Cushman, courtesy of The Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection/Indiana University and Eric Sandweiss, author of The Day In Its Color (Oxford University Press, 2012). Portrait of Rich Remsberg by Robb Hill. Music: "The Mountain," "Chimera" and "Vibe Drive" by Chad Crouch (Podington Bear), Animated car background gif adapted from moving image collection of Thanks for visiting!

The Next SoundCloud

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A simpler, faster, more social SoundCloud that helps music and audio creators like you share your sounds more easily than ever before.

The Pop - Coloud Headphones

The Pop is a highly durable headphone that’s perfect to bring with you wherever you go. With a direct sound and powerful bass, the Pop eliminates any audio pollution around you, allowing you to focus on your music. The angled ear buds are ergonomically designed to give you a better in-ear fit, and comes with S, M and L replacement caps so that they always sit securely in your ears. Together with the Pop’s flat cable, the Zound Lasso is our solution for a tangle-free life.

Cover Story: Bat for Lashes | Features | Pitchfork

With The Haunted Man, Bat for Lashes Natasha Khan transcends the cosmic fairy tales and folk stories of her past to uncover an ecstatic peace within herself. It wasn't easy.


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The jQuery plugin for supercool scroll animation

Longform | 50 Best Websites 2012 | Techland |

There’s a long-standing theory on the web that people only have the patience to read very short articles. That theory is wrong. Longform — and its equally excellent rival, Longreads — cull the Internet for outstanding articles on every imaginable topic, from publications as well-known as New York and as low-profile as the Broward-Palm Beach New Times. Every link provides fresh evidence that the art of in-depth journalism is alive and well.

Summit on the Summit: Basecamp

We climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to fight the global clean water crisis. Climb here to see what happened

Whiteboard | We empower visionaries to lead meaningful brands.

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Whiteboard is a creative agency devoted to for-purpose ventures. We combine creative forces with systematic activists—Ideas require implementation and our multi-disciplined network fosters a wide array of abilities that empower visionaries and entrepreneurs to lead meaningful brands.

eBay: A new look for the global online marketplace.

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Seventeen years ago this month, eBay created a new way for people to buy and sell practically anything. We’ve since helped millions of people launch their own businesses and helped change the way the world shops for things they need and love.

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AT&T is pulling out all the stops with a new campaign centered around a web series titled Daybreak. Then action-packed five-part series showcases some of their current products, including the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and various softwares. There’s even an ARG component that looks to be pretty in-depth. Get the details after the jump. The series was developed in association with BBDO and TV producer Tim Kring, who is most notable for creating the television shows Crossing Jordan, Heroes, and Touch. ARG :

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