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November 2006

Table of Contents | The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

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For too long typographic style and its accompanying attention to detail have been overlooked by website designers, particularly in body copy. In years gone by this could have been put down to the technology, but now the web has caught up. The advent of much improved browsers, text rendering and high resolution screens, combine to negate technology as an excuse.

January 2006

The Anatomy of Web Fonts

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If one aspect of design has suffered most in its transition to the Web, it is the art of typography. For years, Web typography involved little more than choosing a typeface and font size. Unstyled Times New Roman was the norm, and the integration of established typographical techniques and rules was unimagined.

December 2004

Recommended fonts

Microsoft typography / Recommended fonts

November 2004

Code Style: Windows font survey results

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Windows font survey results How sure can you be that the font you specify will be present on the end user's machine? The results below are the latest periodic snapshot of the Code Style Windows font survey and should give you greater confidence in selecting a font. Use the article feedback form below if you want to be alerted to future updates.

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