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Hadopi : Deux conférences pour comprendre et résister- Ecrans

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Alors que l’examen du projet de loi Création et Internet va reprendre ce mardi 31 mars à l’Assemblée Nationale, on vous signale deux conférences, l’une davantage sur l’économie et le droit d’auteur, l’autre sur le droit.

Photoshop Adbusting In Berlin | BRAND INFECTION

Great Photoshop Adbusting of a boring advertisement which you see everywhere in Berlin, Germany: Britney Spears, Leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera selling their albums. The adbusting was done by the FTW crew (Mr. Tailon, Baveux Prod., Kone & Epoxy) and consists of overlaying the image with stickers from Adobe Photoshop’s interface panels.


Obamafy Photo Booth Plugin

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The Obamafy Photo Booth plugin emulates a popular poster by Shepard Fairey. the plugin was made by Dubi Kaufmann as an exercise in pop culture and is not part of any campaign nor it is an endorsement for either candidate. The software is free and I ask that you acknowledge me (Dubi Kaufmann) if you build on it. The plugin was tested on OS X 10.5 Leopard. Send your feedback and your Obamafied cat pet photos to Dubster2k{at}yahoo~dot~com. :: Making The Web A Better Place, One Campaign At A Time...

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Notre campagne consiste à assister les usagers dans la mise à niveau du navigateur Internet Explorer 6. Le but visé est de permettre aux anciens utilisateurs d'IE 6 de vivre une expérience web agréable tout en créant (souhaitons-le) un environnement moins stressant et moins compliqué pour les développeurs web, et ce, en accélérant le retrait d'un navigateur désuet.

Remixing the London police's anti-photographer terrror posters - Boing Boing

Responding to the London Metropolitan Police's new anti-photographer snitch campaign, wherein posters urge Londoners to turn in people who might be taking pictures of CCTV cameras, many people have taken a crack at redesigning the posters to point out the absurdity of them.

Met Launches New Counter-Terrorism Campaign 25.02.08 - Metropolitan Police Service

IF YOU SUSPECT IT - REPORT IT Londoners are being urged to help stop terrorists in their tracks by reporting suspicious behaviour, in a new counter terrorism advertising campaign launched today.


USSR posters - a photoset on Flickr

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Russian and/or Soviet propaganda & advert posters [1917-1991]


Soviet Radio Magazine Propaganda Images

There are about 700 pictures on this site. They come from a Soviet magazine "Radio" and were never published before on the Internet.

Propaganda Images From Soviet Magazines

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propaganda posters / others posters & books / film related / memorabilia

Iconique ta mère

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De nos jours l'application de l'huile sainte ça se fait avec Photoshop. Entre la photographie de Florence Aubenas, journaliste à Libération, et la Florence iconique, l'onction photoshopique est assez subtile.


Stefan Landsberger\\\'s Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages

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This site is dedicated to the Chinese propaganda poster as it has been produced from 1949 till the present day. So-called propaganda art has played a major supporting role in the many campaigns that were designed to mobilize the people, and throughout the People's Republic, the propaganda poster has been the favored vehicle through which art conveyed model behavior.

Posters from the WPA: Collection Highlights Index

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The following presentation of collection highlights was selected by Library staff who have worked closely with the WPA posters. The posters were selected with an eye toward their design, representation of a variety of states and artists, and as a way of featuring those that have not been widely published. These examples demonstrate the breadth and depth of the collection and the styles and content used by the WPA to advertise varied programs and campaigns. The presentation is divided into the following sections:

OBEY - The Medium is the message

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The OBEY sticker campaign can be explained as an experiment in Phenomenology. Heidegger describes Phenomenology as "the process of letting things manifest themselves." Phenomenology attempts to enable people to see clearly something that is right before their eyes but obscured; things that are so taken for granted that they are muted by abstract observation.