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19 November 2008 · video & multimedia productions

VOYAGE au BOUT du CHARBON est construit sur le principe des « livres dont vous êtes les héros ». Il permet à chaque internaute/apprenti reporter de choisir son propre parcours parmi les étapes qui sont illustrées par les photographies, les vidéos et les prises de son réalisées in situ par deux journalistes : Abel Ségrétin (correspondant Rfi et Libération à Pekin) et Samuel Bollendorff (photographe de l’agence l’Oeil Public à Paris).

17 October 2008

InSight America | InSight America

Who are the people of America? What are we thinking? What makes us angry and frustrated? What gives us hope? Are some of us really all blue and some all red? Or are we mostly shades of purple? InSight America is an innovative documentary project that aims to explore these questions on the eve of one of the most important elections in American history. Calling on the talents of some of the world’s most respected photojournalists, using the Web to update their observations daily, InSight America is a collage of personal investigations and reflections that attempts to capture the things preoccupying Americans during the weeks leading to Election Day. What is the American Dream today?