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image-rendering - CSS | MDN

The image-rendering CSS property provides a hint to the browser about the algorithm it should use to scale images. It applies to the element itself as well as any images supplied in other properties for the element. It has no effect on non-scaled images.

Paper.js — Using Pixel Colors

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Using Paper.js you can easily work with the colors of individual pixels of Raster items.

LockBits vs Get Pixel Set Pixel - Performance | Pragmatic Developer

When using GDI+ method you can optimize the process of bitmap manipulation  seven  times.I am implementing an image scaling algorithm at my University Seam Carving . While working on this project I realized that simply accessing pixels by the GetPixel and SetPixel methods is too slow.

Fast Pixel Operations in .NET (With and Without unsafe) - CodeProject

The Bitmap class has GetPixel and SetPixel methods that let you acquire and change color of chosen pixels. Those methods are very easy to use but are also extremely slow. My previous post gives detailed explanation on the topic, click here if you are interested. Fortunately, you don’t have to use external libraries (or resign from .NET altogether) to do fast image manipulation. The Framework contains a class called ColorMatrix that lets you apply many changes to images in an efficient manner. Properties such as contrast or saturation can be modified this way. But what about manipulation of individual pixels? It can be done too, with the help from the Bitmap.LockBits method and the BitmapData class… A good way to test individual pixel manipulation speed is color difference detection. The task is to find portions of an image that have color similar to some chosen color. How to check if colors are similar? Think about color as a point in three dimensional space, where axis are: red, green and blue. Two colors are two points. The difference between colors is described by the distance between two points in RGB space.


Designing a Super Mario map with Mapbox Studio | Mapbox

Due to the amount of features and level of abstraction, I knew that creating this map would be a great test of my proficiency with Mapbox Studio, as well as Studio's own limits. By diving into the deep end, I learned some useful strategies.


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Nicolas Sassoon Born 1981 in Marseille, France - Lives & works sometimes

8-Bit Cities

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City maps in the style of 1980s video games

Pixel perfect: the story of eBoy | The Verge

Wedding, despite what its name may suggest, is not a very pretty part of Berlin. It’s drab, seedy, and has long been among the city’s poorest areas. Today, it’s home to a large immigrant population, mostly Turks, as evidenced by the kebab houses and hookah bars that line its gray streets.


Pixel-fitting | Dustin Curtis

In the Markdown Mark repository on Github, I had initially included only 12 static PNG images of the mark at different specific sizes. Several people asked me why I had done this instead of including a vector graphic, and the reason is actually extremely important. This is something everyone should know, especially people who are not designers.


Koopa, It’s What’s For Supper « Jude Buffum

For the upcoming show Pixel Pushers, sponsored by SCION and curated by Giant Robot, I decided to explore the carnivorous side of the world of video games. Though I myself eat meat, enough of my friends and loved ones are now vegetarians or vegans, so it’s something I’ve been experimenting with. I suppose these pieces are a by-product of that exploration. That, and my long-time obsession with meat diagrams.

Sanscons – 120 pixel icons, customizable with CSS - Some Random Dude

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Sanscons is a CSS-friendly version of Bitcons — allowing you to set custom backgrounds on your icons.


Since - Upian - Artspace : Opening show with eBoy

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Opening show with eBoy - Since.upian.artspace - vernissage 18.06.2009 - 19h

Since.Upian is very proud and happy to do the Opening Show with eBoy - Pixorama



Mini Pixel Icons

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Over 320 mini pixel icons! All Free! These mini icons are designed at 14×14px with transparent background. They are specially designed for header or side navigation buttons. Feel free to use these icons for your site (personal or commerical). However, if you are using more than 10 different icons, you must give a link back to N.Design Studio.

mezzoblue § Icon Design: Anti-Aliasing

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The last time I wrote about icon design, I explained why it’s necessary to produce variations of an icon at different sizes. At small sizes in particular it’s important for icons to respect the pixel grid, enough so that extra work modifying the basic icon outline is usually required.

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