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April 2008

Backbreaker : Humanist Alphabet

Typeface made at the beach of Zandvoort aan Zee in The Netherlands.

November 2007

Space Alphabet

In honor of Sputnik 1, 50 years later (on Oct. 4th), I present to you all a nice little gem of a book I got off of ebay about a year ago: Space Alphabet (1964) by Irene Zacks. Pictures by Peter P. Plasencia. It's the entire book. I normally don't do this, but it's just too good not to share it all.

October 2007

24 fps : un album photos sur Flickr

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Flickr collection of closing frames from classic movies. Beautiful typography

September 2007

Flickr: Photos from labworks

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the sets frome the typography Kicks Ass project ! Kicks Ass Bootie ! ARRRRRR !

Neon Graveyard

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There is an awesome museum in Vegas that collects all the old neon signs that have been decommissioned. Here's a link to their site.

June 2007

April 2007

Body Type -- Intimate Messages Etched in Flesh by Ina Saltz

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"BODY TYPE: Intimate Messages Etched in Flesh" is the first book devoted entirely to typographic tattoos. It has been called INSPIRING, SHOCKING, AND VOYEURISTIC... BODY TYPE explores the ideas and emotions behind this indelible commitment.

September 2006

~ Jules Vernacular ~

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Superbe collection ! Ca me rappelle Edward Fella avec son livre Letters on America

June 2006

May 2006

September 2005

February 2005

Itchy Robot | Found Typography

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type in situation / make me think about the fabulous book "photographs & Lettering" by Edward Fella

November 2004

Veer: Visual Elements for Creatives

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See things in a new light. Hint at potential. Invent contexts. Create concepts. It's what you do as a creative. It's our goal at Veer, too. We want to help you break out of the grid, the list, the rulebook. To show you visual elements for design in ways that work. To filter out the obvious and the mundane, in our products and our presentation. To help you do the best creative work possible