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April 2005


Un logiciel générateur d'anaglyphes (freeware)

December 2004

Stereo Club Francais

Stereoscopie - Daguerrotype - réseaux lenticulaires

The Anaglyph Software List

Anaglyphs are 2D pictures that become 3D when viewed with red-blue glasses. We're talking here about real 3D - not a 2D representation of a 3D scene - so you have the impression parts of the picture are in front of or inside your monitor. The use of anaglyphs lets you experience Virtual Reality without the need of an expensive VR helmet or VR glasses, although it works on the same principle.

ProMagic Home Page

Produce your own 3D lenticular images with up to 50 layers of depth, from one Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator 8 layered file.

SOFTreat Co.

Create your own exciting Stereoscopic Images on your PC using your very own stereo image pairs with this amazing software. Accepted throughout the world as the number one application for stereo imaging on the PC. With it's intuitive and easy to use interface anyone can create true stereoscopic images in just a few simple steps