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Virtual Light: Exploring In-Game Photography And Photo History | Kill Screen

If you are anything like me, you had friends who linked Rainer’s “The Art of in-game Photography.” If you are anything like me, you saw many of your friends duke it out on Facebook and Twitter over whether or not this was a legitimate art — whether it was even photography.


Google’s Street View cameras are touring museums and taking weird selfies by accident - Quartz

The curtain slips a bit in the Camera in the Mirror, a new Tumblr project by the Spanish artist Mario Santamaría that collects accidental self-portraits of Google’s hulking cameras while they go about their work. It turns out that museums have a lot of mirrors, and the cameras often photograph themselves in front of them. +

Hester Scheurwater

The Self-obsessed photo series, which explores Hester Scheurwater's desires, obsessions and fears sparked media hype in the Netherlands. The explicit imagery shocked many and fueled debate on the sexualization of society. But the editor of Scheurwater’s first book of photography, SHOOTING BACK, defends her work. Zurich-based curator, writer and contemporary photography specialist Walter Keller compares it to Rober Mapplethorpe’s sexually-charged imagery or Francesca Woodman’s erotic mise-en-scene.”Scheurwater’s visual self-explorations extend the boundaries of another main topic in art history and photography – the pose. But in her pictures, model and artist are one,” says Keller. “Yes, this is sexually explicit work, but even more, it is a curious and smart research about herself, where the artist looks at herself from both sides of the mirror.” All images on this website are copyright protected. If you are interested to publish any of these images, please contact for current rates.


MENG Jin | 孟瑾 | M97 Gallery | Shanghai, China | Contemporary & Fine Art Photography Gallery

Partners Meng Jin and Fang Er’s first collaborative photography project, Love Hotel explores the two artists’ ongoing interest in urban life, architecture, memory and found objects, and the inter-relationship between physical buildings, objects and their social context. The couple worked on-site within the framework of 3-hour ’rest’ periods in various ’short-stay’ hotels creating improvised, spontaneous sculpture works with the existing objects found in the rented love hotel rooms. Slightly amorphous structures, the rearranged inanimate objects hint at entangled anthropomorphic creations in this fantasy space devoid of actual human presence.


125 Magazine for iPad on the iTunes App Store

125 is a magazine for people who love photography, design, fashion, art and visual culture presented in a grownup package that will entertain, enlighten and provoke debate.


Robert G. Bartholot is an artist with an emphasis on photographic illustration. His images are meant to tell a story without being too specific. They are often mystical and ironic at the same time, but always colourful and strong. Bartholot was born and raised in Germany and has lived in San Francisco, Zurich and Madrid. He is now based in Berlin.


Jananne Al-Ani

Aerial I, production still from Shadow Sites II, 2011, Single channel digital video Courtesy the Artist, Rose Issa Projects and Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2011. Photography Adrian Warren

Photography Project Seeks New Angles on Israel -

GAN HASHLOSHA NATIONAL PARK, Israel — The image is both idyllic and carefully staged: nearly a dozen foreign photographers, some of them celebrated on the international art scene, posing for a collective portrait on a sunny November morning against a startling green pool in this lush park in northern Israel.

Comes with the Territory - we make money not art

Another exhibition i just saw in Berlin is Comes with the Territory at Charim Ungar Contemporary (CUC). Don't run to the gallery just yet, the show closed on Saturday. The exhibition brought together Israeli artists who explore the daily struggle to define and stretch the boundaries of the territory. Obviously, the word 'territory' in Israel comes with tense references to occupied stretches of land such as the ones in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. The term also evokes Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, check points, separation walls, disputed borders, forced evictions, etc. The artists in the exhibition, however, approach territory in a more private context. Comes with the Territory featured the works of Rotem Balva, Raafat Hattab, Gaston Zvi Ickowicz, Joshua Neustein, Nira Pereg and Roi Vaspi-Yanai. Subjective selection of works:

Portraits and Dreams: A Revisitation by Wendy Ewald and Elizabeth Barret - United States Artists - Great art forms here

In partnership with the Appalachian Program at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College, Wendy Ewald and Elizabeth Barret were awarded $40,000 by the National Endowment for the Arts for Portraits and Dreams: A Revisitation. We need to raise $20,000 to match the NEA award. Your generous donations will support the creation of new work as well as collaboration between two artists and community members in rural Appalachia.


Tout l’art contemporain à Paris — Slash Paris

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Slash est un guide des galeries parisiennes, guide des artistes et agenda d’art… plus qu’un site, Slash est une véritable application qui offre la possibilité à tous les acteurs de l’art : galeries, centres d’art, musées, artistes… de faire connaître leur actualité, de présenter leurs lieux ou encore leur travail.

Vice Magazine

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Le magazine VICE est publié depuis octobre 1994. Originalement appelé Voice et imprimé en format fanzine, son ton intransigeant a immédiatement séduit les Montréalais anglophones dès sa première publication (oui, VICE est Montréalais d’origine). Aujourd'hui le magazine est distribué dans plus de vingt pays et son imprimé a atteint une circulation mondiale d’un million de copies. La version française de Vice magazine, lancée en Mars 2007, est tirée chaque mois à 80 000 exemplaires, distribués via un réseau national de 500 points (boutiques, galeries d'art, magasins de disques, bars, clubs...).


FOTO8 - Thomas Ruff interview

Thomas Ruff is explaining the enduring concerns that have animated the work that has made him one of the most innovative and distinguished art photographers of recent decades: ‘I always want to take the medium of photography into the picture, so that you are always aware that you are looking at an image – a photograph,’ he says, before continuing, ‘so, in the picture I hope you can see two things: the image itself, plus the reflection – or the thinking – about photography. I hope it’s visible. I’m an investigator, and it is as if I am investigating the grammar of photography.'

Coke Wisdom O’Neal - mixed greens - The Box

Over the last 10 years, I have learned my trade and developed my vision without traditional training. Photography has been both passion and paycheck. I learned 
the technical arts of film, chemistry and printing through the good fortune of 
working among photographers, artists, and intellectuals. My travels, both 
domestic and abroad, have given me knowledge of the world and the passion to document it. Recently, my work has expanded to include not only the final photograph, but the interactions with my subjects


Devora ran * A Sex Culture Magazine

Devora ran magazine about the culture of sex. devora ran is more than porn, it doesn't depict posing models, but explores sex in art and real people's sexuality


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photography, polaroid, nude, girls. What else?


Welcome to the online version of 125, the only magazine in the world, which acts as a completely unbiased photography gallery, open to both emerging and established artists, and making affordable art available to all. We are dedicated to providing a platform for artists to produce work that would not be viable in conventional magazines and are proud to have published work by 140 different contributors from across the globe resulting in the most open minded and truly fascinating publication in the world, a magazine that sits alongside the most expensive "coffee-table books" and leaves most in its wake.

The Style Press

Predominant daily news on fashion, art, design and pop culture


Joseph Bellows Gallery - Thomas Allen : Pulp Fiction

Allen's photographs are inspired by his childhood experiences with pop-up books and View-Masters. He begins his process by cutting figures and images out of illustrated pages of old books and vintage fiction novels. Allen then cleverly rearranges and juxtaposes the forms to create three-dimensional scenes. Next, he carefully lights his subjects and photographs the scenes.


Martin Parr chez K. Mennour -

Double expo pour le Britannique Martin Parr (né en 1952), "Think of England" et "Cocktail". Après sa rétrospective de la Mep, voici un panorama thématique du photographe/globe-trotter qu'il fut dans les années 60. On découvre ici, encore et toujours avec plaisir, son kitsch balnéaire et ses pâtisseries acidulées. cf.