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Starwarigami - Advanced Star Wars Origami. Original designs by Martin Hunt

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Welcome to Starwarigami, the home of the biggest range of complex Star Wars origami models on the web.



Canon France - Animaux 3D Paper Art

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Créez vos propres animaux en papier : de mignons petits animaux amusants à fabriquer. Choisissez parmi les chiens ou les autres animaux plus exotiques. Lorsque vous aurez fini de les fabriquer, pourquoi ne pas leur donner un nom ? Faites entrer le zoo chez vous grâce à de superbes maquettes d'animaux.

Papertoys (PaperCraft) à télécharger - Jean Claude Attitude

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Voici quelques liens ou vous pouvez trouver des papertoys, cette liste est mise à jour régulièrement



A collection of all my origami-related materials- origami tessellations, origami conventions, interesting design sketches, the whole works.


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Rob Ives Paper Animation kits are paper models you make that move. Each one of the models is full of whimsy, delighting everyone who sees them in action. The kits are packaged in an eight page booklet (8 1/4” x 8”), and presented in a clear plastic sleeve with a peg-hook center. The kit pieces are precut and scored, requiring only white school glue for assembly. Assembly takes about two hours. Complete step-by-step instructions are provided. While the kits are good for kids ages 8 and up (younger with adult help), it is Rob Ives Paper Animations’ humor that really appeals to adults.

Canon 3D Papercraft

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Nearly everyone has made paper airplanes or tried origami when they were children. Take these memories further when you download dozens of 3D-Papercraft projects for free.

Analog Junkie papercraft

If you're an analog junkie, these handmade cardboard miniatures of vintage synths and such are a must-have, and luckily for you, some are available for purchase. After you're done swooning over those mini gems, take a deep breath and prepare to contain your jealousy while peeping danmcp's house.

Fwis • Readymech Series 002

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Readymechs are free, flatpack toys for you to print and build. They are designed to fit on an 8.5"x11" page and printed with any printer. You’ll need double-sided tape, thick matte paper, and 10-15 minutes for build time.


Orikaso fold flat products, flatworld, origami, folding, flatware, flat pack, space saving, compact, lightweight, lighter than titanium, easy clean, backpacking, backpacker, contemporary, camping, outdoor, adventure, bbq, picnic, tableware, mountain climb

Buy a product, buy a life! Our product wont make you younger, fitter, more attractive to the opposite sex. Sorry! What they will do is allow you to experience eating outdoors your way. Gone are the constraints of size and weight; drink fresh coffee with your friends on the mountain top, have a full english by the lake or picnic on the beach. Travel Light, Travel Fast, but above all Travel Smart.

CaféSalé :: Voir le sujet - Millenium Falcon en ticket de métro step by step

Ne vous est-il jamais arrivé de triturer un vieux ticket de métro entre deux stations? Air de déjà vu? C'est normal, le succès mondial de mon step by step du chasseur X-Wing en ticket de métro m'a presque obligé à relever le défi de reproduire ce miracle avec le pliage du mythique Faucon Millénaire


Avions en papier et Bateaux en papier ORIGAMI

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Comment faire des Avions en papier? Comment faire des Bateaux en papier?, Zona Minada vous offres 50 modèles d'avions et bateaux du papier ont classé dans les catégories suivantes: Planeadores, Cazadores, Torbellinos , Volteadores et Barcos de papel

Avion en papier n°1 -

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la version "de base" mais qui marche au poil

Paper Airplanes - the best origami paper planes to fold and fly

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Best Paper Airplanes .com is a free site that illustrates unique folded paper airplanes that you'll find nowhere else - because these ten models are original, copyrighted designs. These are paper aircraft made by folding paper in the style of Japanese origami yet they all fly. Some are complex, some simple, all are fun.

Origami Alive

Here are some photos of a few models I've folded. I "discovered" origami back in mid 2000, and folding these models since then has been a very fun experience.

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