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The Ghost in the MP3

"moDernisT" was created by salvaging the sounds and images lost to compression via the MP3 and MP4 codecs. The audio is comprised of lost mp3 compression material from the song "Tom's Diner" famously used as one of the main controls in the listening tests to develop the MP3 encoding algorithm.


Youtube Playlist Converter to MP3

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Youtube Playlist Converter to MP3 | Download Youtube Playlist in MP3

360° MP3 player UI demo (SoundManager 2): Javascript + Canvas Visualization

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Canvas-based UI with visualization options. Note: Spectrum/EQ visualizations

How to download whole YouTube music playlist with YouTube to MP3 Converter.

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video service in the world. But while hosting billions of uploaded videos, YouTube offers no standard way to download music or clips in bulk. And getting them one by one is way too dull and tedious. Our YouTube to MP3 Converter brings up the magic you need to download an entire YouTube playlist to your disk 100% automatically and hassle-free, no matter how many videos are in there. Here is a quick step-by-step.

2012 get mp3 from youtube video, flv to mp3, extract audio from youtube, youtube mp3

by 1 other is a fun project for us which is here to help out users convert YouTube video into mp3 format. This website is to be used for converting non-copyrighted content only! We do not condone any type of piracy.


Mac Music Tagging - mp3, ID3, etc

A list of music tag editors for the Apple Macintosh - mostly concentrating on mp3 id3 capable tag editors. With News and Updates...

Tagr @

Tagr is an application for Mac OS X that helps you organize your MP3 / M4A (MP4) collection. With Tagr you can easily edit information such as a song's artist, title, or album cover. Tagr also allows you to control the way your files are named. There is no more need for having other tools dictate that for you!

MP3-Info - Get more info on your songs directly in the Finder and iTunes - and more!

MP3-Info is a clever companion that helps you organize your music collection. It is essentially a Plug-in for the Finder and iTunes. MP3-Info displays valuable information about audio files, such as their duration, the bitrate, important MP3-Tags, such as the artist, the title of the song, lyrics, cover art, and some more. That saves you a lot of time managing your song collection. It also shows these information for AAC files created by iTunes, and WAV, and AIFF files. And that is only the beginning! MP3-Info also allows you to rename your song files based on their tags, or find similar songs in your CDFinder collection, and much more!

TuneUp | Gestion et recherche de musique numérique pour iTunes et WMP

# Nettoyez vos morceaux mal identifiés comme les fameux « Piste 01 » et « Artiste Inconnu » # Retrouvez les pochettes manquantes : finies les notes de musique grises dans le Cover Flow ! # Alertes concerts en fonction des artistes présents dans votre bibliothèque # Vidéos YouTube, biographies d'artistes, merchandising et bien d'autres avantages

Ninja Tune - Sets - SoundCloud

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Ninja tune promo releases

Tea Sea Records - home

Here you'll find an exciting array of artists and projects, freebies and news! Wu Tang Vs The Beatles - Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers


Mama Lisa's World en français: Comptines et chansons pour les enfants du monde entier

Bienvenue sur Mama Lisa's World en français, qui abrite la plus grande collection de comptines et chansons enfantines internationales de tout l'internet. Quelle que soit la culture à laquelle un enfant appartienne, quel que soit le drapeau sous lequel il ou elle vive, voici le lieu où trouver des chansons enfantines, en français et dans leur langue d'origine. Certaines chansons ont la musique Midi ou Mp3.


A Mood-Based Music Classification and Exploration System

by Owen Craigie Meyers B.Mus., McGill University (2004) Submitted to the Program in Media Arts and Sciences, School of Architecture and Planning, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences at the MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY June 2007

Sweeper : Automatically tag your music collection with metadata from

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A while back released a command line tool to retrieve metadata for an arbitrary mp3 from their new fingerprint database. I tried it yesterday and it seemed way better than MusicBrainz. So, as a person with a lot of random mp3s, I cooked up a script for retagging entire folders of songs.

Skype Extras : Call Recorder for Mac OS X / 2.3.2

Call Recorder adds a simple recording window to Skype for Mac, allowing users to automatically save exact reproductions of all incoming and outgoing Skype calls. Calls are saved as QuickTime files, which can be converted to MP3 format or split into separate tracks for further editing and podcasting. Call Recorder uses state-of-the-art AAC and H.264 encoding to ensure high quality audio and video at a minimum of disk space.

Leçon 03 - Les Nombres - Méthode audio de chinois mandarin

Les chiffres et les nombres chinois. Apprenez à compter en Chinois de 0 à 100 000 000.

AutoRate : iTunes rating made easy

This application automatically sets the rating for all tracks in your iTunes library according to how often each track is played, and how often each track is skipped. Tracks that are frequently skipped are penalised, while often-played tracks are given a higher rating. This is particularly useful when using the 'Play higher rated songs more often' option with Party Shuffle, or using smart playlists.

Welcome to Chaotic Software

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A collection of powerful tools for media enthusiasts with a Macintosh using Mac OS X. Media Rage can read and write information stored in MP3, AAC/MP4, FLAC, AIFF, WAVE, BWF, and Ogg Vorbis audio files as well as EXIF (read only) tags in digital images. Media Rage can assist you in cataloging, organizing, sorting, and updating thousands of audio files with ease.

MPFreaker 1.7.4 - MacUpdate

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Imagine a program which automatically fills in missing information in your music library. MPFreaker searches the internet to find out what album that song belongs to, the year that song was released, what genre that album belongs to, track numbers, even album cover artwork and lyrics — and automatically adds this information directly into your song files, in seconds.

Tangerine! | Potion Factory

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Tangerine! lets you easily create playlists of upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing. It works by analyzing the BPM and the beat intensity of your music. Spend your time listening to music, not making playlists.


This blog is for discussion, support, and distribution of AutoTagX, an MP3/AAC tag editor and organizer for Macintosh OSX.