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Digital religions: MozFest and the "let's make it" paradigm - Interactive Factual

I think I know now why it took me three years to feel at ease at Mozfest. It is not because I am not a coder, it is because it exemplifies a paradigm shift. The fundamental attitude in an academic conference is “sit and listen”, while the one at MozFest is “move and make”. The first approach to learning is theoretical and  slow pasted – it takes a long time to un-tackle a complex concept with words – the other is quick and practical – prototype lots and a few good ideas will survive. The first is secretive and copyright based (don’t distribute the paper until it is published with your name) and the other is public and copyleft based (write the notes of the session together and them make them available to all through the web).


AttachmentExtractor :: Modules pour Thunderbird

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Extraire toutes les pièces-jointes des messages sélectionnés, puis les effacer, détacher ou les marquer comme lus.


Spread Firefox 3 | Download Day 2008

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Le Download Day est arrivé ! Contribuez à un record du monde Guinness. Profitez d'un Web meilleur

Feature: Create Distraction-Free, Customized Webapps with Prism

Among all the projects available at the Mozilla Foundation, one little application, Prism (formerly known as WebRunner), hasn't gotten much attention. Understandable, in a way, because Prism seems like just a stripped-down Firefox window in which to view web sites—which it is, but that can be a great thing. With the help of a few utilities, web applications in Prism can be just as convenient to launch and use as your standard-installation desktop programs. Let's take a look at where Prism really works and how to get more out of it after the jump.


Web feed icon trademark, licensing and usage guidelines : pretty widgets

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I am encouraged to read Mitchell Baker’s posts (part 1, part 2) about the usage of Stephen Horlander’s web feed icon which is seen in Firefox, IE7 and on an increasing number of web pages. She suggests that Mozilla should work with the web community to set usage guidelines for the icon. This is a great idea. Guidelines are necessary to avoid confusing web users about the meaning of the image.

Mozilla NVU 1.0

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un editeur html wysiwyg basique et gratuit


Branding and visual identity of the Mozilla

Recommendations for the branding and visual identity of the Mozilla Foundation’s product and project line - by Steven Garrity creative director de et je suis aussi tombé sur le portfolio du designer des logos / icons

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