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Facebook | Björk's Videos: Wanderlust [2D Version]

Enjoy the fantastic Wanderlust video! This is the 2d version, the 3d version will be available in physical format later in April. Wanderlust is Björk's next single. The video was done by Encyclopedia Pictura. Enjoy!


No fat clips!!!: MONEY MARK - Information Contraband

Here's a technicolor motion graphics street adventure. And it's for free. Well, almost... "Information Contraband sees Money Mark traversing through a color saturated city of huge movie posters: slinky babes from huge Technicolor billboards slap the singer across his face on his jaunt; dudes with machetes and swords twist and turn in jungle terrain and martial arts maestros strut their stuff while Money Mark suavely sucks on a cigarette."


· Kostr-film ·

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Animal Logic: Home

Animal Logic is a digital production company at the forefront of the international visual effects industry. Over the past decade it has proven itself across a broad range of visual media including film, television, computer games and Internet.

Chris Cunningham - Michel Gondry

// ~ Some Music Videos

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dj format music video clips / gold chains / the bees / ellen allien...


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The Directors Label series highlights the work of the filmmakers who have helped to re-define music videos and filmmaking over the last decade.

Imaginary Forces

Imaginary Forces (IF) is an entertainment and design firm based in Hollywood and New York. The award-winning work spans the diverse industries of feature film production and marketing, architecture and experience design, commercial advertising, network branding, sports entertainment, and interactive media.

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