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How to Advertise on a Porn Website | Eat24 Blog

Hi, we’re Eat24. If you already know us – hey sexy, welcome back, looking good. If you’re new, let’s catch you up: Eat24 is the Internet’s favorite food delivery app and website. The first rule of Eat24 Club used to be “don’t talk about Eat24 Club,” but that  turned out to be a terrible marketing strategy

Beware: Your chocolate chip cookie is spying on you | MNN - Mother Nature Network

The White House may be asking food marketers to be responsible when it comes to marketing to kids, but the snack food industry still needs to keep increasing its profits. Mondelez International, the company that owns brands like Chips Ahoy and Ritz, is going about it in an intrusive and rather creepy way. This is something you need to be aware of.

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Ever wonder what kind of information determines the ads you see or the offers you receive? You’ve come to the right place. About The Data brings you answers to questions about the data that fuels marketing and helps ensure you see offers on things that mean the most to you and your family.


The Way of the Dodo — How to Sell 10,000 iPad Cases at $60 Each (and Other Lessons Learned)

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Going back to our use first use of a Kindle, we were amazed and excited about the idea of an e-reader. At the same time we started to feel a sense of loss about not holding and reading a good book (despite what one might think, reading is at least in part a tactile thing). While we didn’t act on this feeling on the Kindle as the iPad was announced it was clear that we had to do something. Patrick considered many different types of wood materials to compliment the book element and ultimately decided on bamboo based on its eco appeal and its historic relation to paper.

The Dark Knight: les sites de marketing viral du prochain Batman |

Voici le premier de trois volets d’un dossier spécial, qui se poursuivra demain et dimanche. L’équipe de The Dark Knight a fait très fort! Elle a mis presque une pléthore de sites Web en ligne, comportant tous des informations sur le film. Voici les 10 premiers… Époustouflant!


50 Extraordinary and Attractive Billboards | 10Steps.SG

I always like the creativity found in advertisements. Let us check out the large billboards this round. Most of them will capture your attention, whether driving on the road or walking along the train station. Some will even change themselves according to weather and time! Which one do you think is the best?

W+K PORTLAND · She's heeeeeere!

le marketing autour de Coraline

Carrefour Fades (to Color) - Brand New

more at Carrefour’s Facebook page. !!! wtf ?


nonist category page :: Vin Mariani

"never has anything been so highly or justly praised.” A good 20 years before the original cocaine-infused Coca-Cola taught the world to grind its teeth and give ineffectual bathroom-stall handjobs in per•fect har•mo•ny, there was another drink of choice among those wishing to feel invigorated and overconfident for no good reason. It was called “coca wine” and it was loved not only by self-important blowhards wearing too much jewelry but by Kings and Popes and… oh, right. Anyhow, it was called Vin Tonique Mariani (or simply Vin Mariani) was sold as a curative, and in the latter half of the 19th century it was a medicinal, recreational, and marketing powerhouse. To paraphrase J.J. Cale “Czars don’t lie, Popes don’t lie, Queens don’t lie...”

The 10 best beer names ever - St. Petersburg Times

I recently read a piece by John Foyston in The Oregonian relating how five bottles of an ultra-rare beer named Hair of the Dog Dave sold separately at auction for a combined $2838.30. Had there been a sixth, Foyston points out, it would have amounted to a $3,500 sixer. After cringing a bit, I had to laugh. If it had been a wine, the name on the bottle would have been something pompous sounding like Coche-Dury Corton-Charlemagne. However, these bidders shelled out up to $719 per 375ml for a tipple named Dave. You have to love the working-class ethic of the craft beer community.

HTML Email Marketing from MailChimp

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Makes email marketing so easy, a human could use it.

Quien Es Fermin::::::Campaign

This promotional interactive campaign of the new deodorant Rexona Power was designed as a tribute to all those who live their life to the maximum, denying themselves to lower their arms. The main character is based on the hero of Pamplona : Fermin, the man who is always prepared to FACE any challenge, even the most dangerous one.

Widgets: The Future of Online Ads

The sheer volume of Web sites has grown so overwhelming that an increasing number of consumers—not just those in their 20s—are adopting multipurpose tools to help them manage and personalize the vast amount of data thrown at them every day. The mainstream adoption of online social networks such as Facebook and MySpace and personalized home pages such as iGoogle and Netvibes reflects attempts by consumers to make the Web more manageable. This new mindset, not surprisingly, also holds for the way in which the audience is willing to engage with ads.

Email Marketing & Surveying Software - iContact

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The Email Marketing Service That Allows You To Easily Track Sends, Opens, Clicks, and More! » Oubliez l’iPhone : dites “je t’aime”

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“Ne dites pas iPod, mais je t’aime“, titrait récemment le Globe & Mail : selon deux études, publiées dans le numéro de décembre du Journal of Consumer Research, le matérialisme des adolescents serait moins du à la pression sociale et au marketing qu’à leur mauvaise estime de soi.


Make My Logo Bigger Cream

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• Improves Brand recognition ! • Grabs customer's attention ! • Works in just minutes ! • Goes on Smooth

Publicité sur le web : que fait l'ergonomie ? - Ergolab

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La publicité sur le web est omniprésente. Comme tout élément de contenu constitutif d’un site Internet, elle entraîne des questionnements ergonomiques. Notre objectif consiste à laisser la publicité jouer son rôle, tout en limitant ses défauts potentiels du point de vue de la qualité d’utilisation d’un site.

Farfar | Diesel | Heidies

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Six video cameras, 24 hours a day, live for 5 straight days on Two gorgeous and crazy girls stole the new Diesel Intimate collection, kidnapped a nice guy, locked themselves (and him) in a hotel room.

BUZZBIZWEB » Blog Archive » [ web ] Pourquoi je crois en Pilipi

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Couleurs acidulées ; zoning clair et aéré ; codes chromatiques simples et mémorisables ; un bouton TRES incitatif, icône de jeu d’arcade, aussi visible qu’une affiche « SOLDES » en tête de gondole en supermarché ; une recherche googlemap ; une charte bien respectée. Bref un site avec une expérience efficace.

Digital Doodle

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Welcome to digital doodle :) Each week we set a theme and everyone draws their best doodle relating to the theme. So get your creative juices flowing and have a go.

La Barquette 3 chatons

Jeux pour les enfants pour Lu

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