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27 May 2005 08:30


Mana thus is something which is found both in chief, tribe, and land, in other words, something common to a group, but there is a difference in their relation to this mana in that the chief owns the mana of the others. It is this very thing that makes his mana so much greater than that of the others, as it 'extends' into the land and the people.

27 May 2005 08:15

Mana - Wikipedia

Mana refers to a supernatural force said to exist within all things, sometimes associated with maternal or lunar magic in mythology.

Mana Magazine

E kore te aroha e maroke i te ra, makuku tonu i aku roimata e. / / Love will not be dried out by the sun, but will be moistened by my tears.

27 May 2005 08:00

MANA beyond belief

All over the world, in every society, there are objects that have special power over people. People climb mountains or make pilgrimages just to see or touch them. They prostrate themselves or engage in rituals in their presence, caress them in the hopes of absorbing some of their magic

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