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July 2010

RipIt - The Mac DVD Ripper

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Our guarantee If a DVD doesn't work, we'll buy it ourselves and fix it as soon as possible. Easily organize your movies Moving files around on your computer is a lot easier than alphabetizing shelves full of DVDs. Peace of mind Movies stored safely in your computer can't get lost, scratched or broken. Simplify entertainment on the go Why carry around bulky DVD cases or disc wallets when you don't have to? Rip to iPad RipIt has preset options to allow ripping DVDs straight to your iPad. Use your laptop longer Laptops use a lot more juice when they're spinning a DVD and a hard drive.

November 2008

D-Subtitler ObjectifMac

Le logiciel D-Subtitler est un petit logiciel qui permet d’extraire les sous-titres d’un DVD et de les placer dans un fichier au format Srt. Le format Srt est reconnu par la plupart des lecteurs Divx (y compris les lecteurs de salon). D-Subtitler accepte deux types de source : les fichiers VOB et les dossiers VIDEO TS.