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December 2013

Japan’s 10 Strangest Love Hotel Names | Tokyo Desu

Love hotels, or “rabu ho” in Japanese, can be found all over Japan, offering short “rest” periods and various apparatus to help guests rest more effectively. As well as offering a range of themes from Christmastime to Hello Kitty, many of them also have imaginative names.

January 2013

Satellite of Love: Vanishing Beauty of Japanese Love Hotels » Design You Trust – Design Blog and Community

We Japanese are generally reputed to be “good at copying,” yet for some reason we seem to exercise the highest level of erotic originality in the world. From sopu “soaplands” (bathhouses) and imekura “image clubs” (costume role-playing) and deriheru “delivery health” (call-a-massage), mainstays of the sex-hire industry, to hi-tech adult toys, to lust-and-violence manga comics and pick-a-girl fuzoku magazines, the Japanese creative spirit would seem to be fixated on things erotic. And of course, there’s interior design’s erotic “true north”, the love hotel.

tokyo llove hotel | designboom

based on the japanese phenomenon of the love hotel, this pop up LLove hotel was created by eight japanese and dutch designers with themed rooms that are installations, where people can actually make (read more)

Japanese Love Hotels by Lagoi & Lace - Fun Fun Fun!

Traditionally – and this still holds true in many rural areas of Japan – the whole extended family would all live together under one roof. The same house with paper thin walls hosted husband, wife, her mother and his sister, children and elders, and so on… The only way couples could have sex (with privacy) was to check in to a love hotel.

Kyoichi Tsuzuki: Antipodes 11 | White Cube

Tokyo has always been known for its 'love hotels', elaborately designed spaces where denizens of one of the most densely populated cities on earth can steal a few moments intimacy in exotic surroundings. Some of the city's brothels are just as imaginatively kitted out. The imekura or 'image-clubs' are imitations of everyday spaces that offer clients an everyday fantasy complete with a woman who plays the part – a secretary in a boardroom, a schoolgirl in a classroom, a commuter on a subway, and so on. For a customer, imekura girl is merely a character who appears in one's internal pornography landscape. In return for that, he happily pays the price of 20,000 yen per 'play'. With that budget, anyone anywhere in Japan would be able to get an average hard-core prostitution service, but there are some men who rather choose to immerse themselves in a false fantasy world. They make phone calls on weekday mornings, make reservations with their favourite girls, and visit image-clubs. In a transient modern city where anything seems architecturally possible, the ultimate erotic fantasy is shown to be that of everyday life

Sex « Quirky Japan Blog

There’s more information about   love hotels in my book, Love Hotels: An Inside Look at Japan’s Sexual Playgrounds. I spent years visiting love hotels around Japan, interviewing love hotel designers, owners and staff, and wading through Japanese books on sex and love hotels to bring you this book.

Rabu Hoteru: Lost in Japan’s Love Hotels

When living in Japan as an English teacher, I made a long list of “must try’s” while I was immersed in such a completely foreign environment for the year. From sampling raw horsemeat and chicken butt, to sleeping in a capsule hotel, singing karaoke in a private booth until the wee hours of the morning and of course, spending a night in a love hotel, the list contained elements of shock, horror and pure joy.

Japanese Love Hotels: Protecting Privacy for Private Encounters

This paper explores a cultural curiosity–Japanese “love hotels.” These have historical sociological roots deep in the culture. But even with a religious and cultural acceptance of sex in Japan, privacy is still an important aspect of the love hotel business. The ways in which love hotels protect patrons’ privacy is shown here to be a primary part of the service encounter. The importance of privacy poses that the need for sexual privacy may be rooted deep in our evolutionary biology. This is an important lesson for the field of marketing, especially for those in the sex-related industries.

Nathalie Daoust

Tokyo Hotel Story / Felale sexuality and subversion of gender stereotypes

Tokyo Love Hotel photography by Nathalie Daoust | Photography | Lifelounge

Japan has always had a humpback-whale sized soft spot for kitsch: Hello Kitty meets Star Wars figurines, Godzilla shower toys, and Gundam-themed cafes, for an example. We also know that they have strange sleeping habits: they seem to be able to fall into microsleep in microseconds standing up in sardine-packed trains, and with capsule hotel rooms going for just $30 a night, you can pretend you've been buried alive in a plastic coffin.

MENG Jin | 孟瑾 | M97 Gallery | Shanghai, China | Contemporary & Fine Art Photography Gallery

Partners Meng Jin and Fang Er’s first collaborative photography project, Love Hotel explores the two artists’ ongoing interest in urban life, architecture, memory and found objects, and the inter-relationship between physical buildings, objects and their social context. The couple worked on-site within the framework of 3-hour ’rest’ periods in various ’short-stay’ hotels creating improvised, spontaneous sculpture works with the existing objects found in the rented love hotel rooms. Slightly amorphous structures, the rearranged inanimate objects hint at entangled anthropomorphic creations in this fantasy space devoid of actual human presence.

Sway Photography

After seeing Josh off to the airport, I took the Yamomote line to Shibuya in search of a love hotel for the backdrop of an up coming shoot.  I walked right to the heart of Love Hill, so many hotels, with room after room, so many stories must exist behind all those doors.  As I wondered through the narrow streets, I looked at different lit of panels on the walls, each room, most occupied, but others weren’t, each with a different style, a photographers paradise.

Photography Between the Sheets: Love Hotel Series by Grace Kim – Flavorwire

“Love hotels in South Korea are commonly known to be where lovers go to carry on secret affairs. I was given access to photograph the rooms of a love hotel in Seoul after couples had checked out and before the rooms had been cleaned. Korean culture has many rules and formalities that have always felt very restrictive to me, so I was intrigued by the idea of being where I shouldn’t be and observing things I shouldn’t be observing — remnants of love affairs that were presumably forbidden as well. Absence of color, like the absence of identity, extracts the bed from their original context and realism, leaving space for personal projections and imagination.”

Misty Keasler

Love Hotels: The hidden fantasy rooms of Japan

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