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05 June 2006 09:30

web2.0 logos - a photoset on Flickr

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Ludwig Gatzke’s compilation of nearly 400 Web 2.0 logos

09 September 2005 19:30

31 January 2005 09:00

A Website about Corporate Identity

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The Resources section contains additional information about corporate identity, including a bibliography and links to related sites on the internet. Furthermore, the site provides a catalogue containing descriptions of a large number of corporate identities.

25 November 2004 14:15

by 13 others [no comment] a must have !

25 November 2004 13:45

logoed. logo inspiration

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logoed. logo inspiration for graphic designers. if you design a lot of logos, sometimes you may find it hard to get inspired, the best way of getting a instant creative boost is to look at good logos from other designers, not to copy, but to use as an influence. we aim to create a comprehensive library of logos for you to browse through at your ease.

the best brands of the world || the best brands of the world

by 53 others is World's one of the most visited web sites intended for browsing and exchange of the World's famous brand-logos. The primary use of site is to enable designers to access vector-forms of the well-known brand-logos that they can use in their presentations, given the permission of the copyright owner. The web site also enables designers to upload their own works and professional details.

25 November 2004 13:30