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Ceci n'est pas un blog: Le challenge du logo ANSSI

Voici ma solution du challenge caché dans le logo de l'ANSSI. Cet article a été publié dans le magazine MISC n°73 de mai/juin 2014 et il est désormais disponible sous licence Creative Commons BY-NC-ND. Puisse-t-il vous divertir !


Heartbleed, The First Security Bug With A Cool Logo | TechCrunch

It’s been fascinating to watch news of heartbleed, the massive OpenSSL exploit, spread on the web. After years of quietly putting us at risk, the general web user became aware of the exploit only a few days ago, and probably via

Logos in Lego Town

I love the list of 'fictional universes' on Wikipedia. It contains everything from The Simpsons to Star Trek to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The Fictional Universes database on Freebase is even better, as it contains thousands of details about the universes, such as species, objects, and even ethnicities.


Brandseen - Logo Coloring Game

How well do you know some of the most popular brands on earth? Find out by selecting the color you associate with each logo - you'll be scored based on how close your response matches the original brand. See how well your score compares with others! Enjoy.


Brand New: It’s a Sports Nation, we are only Living in it

Launched in 2004, SB Nation (short for Sports Blog Nation) is a massive network of more than 300 blogs run by paid sports writers-slash-fans. Combined, SB Nation pulls in 100 million pageviews a month through 20 million unique visitors, 80% of them dudes. While there is a mothership blog that covers sports in general, SB Nation’s real appeal are its local and team blogs, dedicated to the micro concerns of fans in different cities and for specific sports and teams, i.e., there is SB Nation Chicago for all of its citizens but there is also Bleed Cubbie Blue for the MLB’s Cubs, Windy City Gridiron for the NFL’s Bears, and Blog a Bull for the NBA’s Bulls. Over the years, each blog has been given free reign to design its own logo based on its own puny, insider-ey name — the result has been humorous yet mostly crummy, rectangular pieces of artwork. Earlier this month, in preparation for a relaunch of the look and functionality of its blogs, SB Nation introduced new logos for ALL blogs through a unified approach, designed by London-based Fraser Davidson. ALL of them, designed by Fraser Davidson. 300-plus.

50 Japanese town logos with kanji ~ Pink Tentacle

Here is a collection of 50 Japanese town logos that incorporate stylized kanji characters into the design.


Carrefour Fades (to Color) - Brand New

more at Carrefour’s Facebook page. !!! wtf ?


JAY-O.COM | Jan Olof Nygren


Vintage Logos : un album photos sur Flickr

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Collection of vintage logos from a mid-70's edition of the book World of Logotypes. NOTE: I did not create any of this work! This book is out of print but can probably be found with some scouring.

Logos Google

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Nous possédons un vaste éventail de logos qui représentent les fêtes et les événements marquants de l'année. Vous pouvez les découvrir dans notre musée en ligne, mais vous ne pouvez pas les utiliser. Pour inclure un lien vers Google sur votre site, utilisez l'un des logos officiels.

Ironic Sans: You got your picture in my logo

I’ve been noticing logos lately that have replaced letters with pictures. I think it’s fascinating how the brain just fills in the blanks, whether or not the pictures actually resemble the letters they replace. Various studies have shown that we don’t look at the letters which make up words as much as we look at the shapes of the words as a whole. In fact, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The brain just takes care of the rest.


Make My Logo Bigger Cream

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• Improves Brand recognition ! • Grabs customer's attention ! • Works in just minutes ! • Goes on Smooth

Au Blason des Armoiries : Héraldique, art et science du blason

L’héraldique, ou science des armoiries, étudie les symboles peints, gravés ou dessinés, propres à chaque famille en possédant. Ces symboles ont pour support un écu formant un blason, qui peut être surmonté d’un cimier et, éventuellement d’une couronne, supporté par des animaux allégoriques (supports) ou des personnages (tenants), et illustré d’un listel où figure une devise. Cet ensemble constitue l’armoirie. Hubert Lamant-Duhart, Armorial du Pays-Basque

GASO - la banque du blason

C'est le support de votre blason. Il peut avoir plusieurs formes : la plus classique, qui découle de la forme du bouclier, est l'écu "ancien" en forme d'ogive renversée. On adoptera au XVIIe siècle l'écu dit "moderne" à base en forme d'accolade, plus facile à utiliser pour des compositions complexes. Un écu aux proportions harmonieuses doit avoir une hauteur équivalant à peu près aux 7/6 ou 8/7 de sa largeur. Il est très facile de construire un écu ancien avec seulement une règle graduée et un compas. Il suffit de partir de la largeur de l'écu et de suivre les indications.

shillPages - Movie Title Screens Page

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What good is it? Whatever use you put it to. Browse and admire title and logo designs, check out movies that have completely different titles in different release prints (see Battle of Britain or The Premature Burial for good examples), check out the differences in multiple releases of the same title (see Aliens or Invasion of the Body Snatchers for a good example), check to see just how "wide" is the widescreen (width/height=aspect ratio... and does it match the sleeve description?)... use the logo when designing a web page for your favourite movie...include the title screens in your video database... the possibilities are... well, not endless, but many! Please note that the aspect ratio shown is merely calculated from the image size and, although very close to the actual ratio, may not be 100% accurate.

The Serif - Your daily dose of design inspiration - The Serif

Peter Saville said “I find it a bit cheesy. Those rings don’t sit happily within that angular form and the typographic expression of London is a little insecure and apologetic. On the other hand, it’s incredibly noticable, brave and confrontational. Designs which are effective are abrasive on our sensibilities initially, that is how they work. It doesn’t have to be nice because they are familiar, while a great design forges a new aesthetic. It’s real job is to be a catalyst for awareness of the Olympics and it’s doing that already”. Rita Clifton of Interbrand said the logo would not be to everyone’s taste but would engage its target audience of young people successfully. “It’s got that Marmite factor

BBC NEWS | Epilepsy fears over 2012 footage

A segment of animated footage promoting the 2012 Olympic Games has been removed from the organisers' website after fears it could trigger epileptic fits. Prof Graham Harding, who developed the test used to measure photo-sensitivity levels in TV material, said it should not be broadcast again.

Comparative Test of Public Symbols - The Form Assembly

This is an online survey to research the existing public symbols and pictogram standards. In the list each topic or theme has four visual answers, please choose the most easily identifiable sign from the rows. Thanks for your patience!

design et typo » Blog Archive » L’image de marque des Partis Politiques Français

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Si l’on examine l’ensemble de ces marques on constate globalement une mise en perspective des projets ou du moins des positionnements politiques de chacun des partis représentés. Mais dire que ces marques sont vraiment porteurs des valeurs contemporaines des préoccupations des électeurs, il y a un pas.



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A site about cars, logos & type copyrighted by Segura Inc. T26

Which is the real logo?

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You see these logos almost every day, right? - Let's see how well you remember them.

Metros from the world

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Metro logos from all around the world. Great collection