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Réflexions sur le Japon

Hisashi Fukui Aomori, Aomori, Japan Après avoir vécu à Montpellier pendant dix ans, je suis retourné au Japon, mon pays natal, l'été dernier. Je suis traducteur interprète.


Haiku on Wikipedia

Haiku is a very short poetic form: Traditional Japanese haiku consisted of three lines of 5, 7, and 5 units (morae) which generally corresponded to syllables. They also contained a special season word — the kigo — descriptive of the season in which the haiku was set.

Haiku Error Messages contest

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Clearly, we struck a nerve. Not only do you love to write haiku, but it appears that many have strong feelings about losing your work, wasting your time and rebooting. Who would have guessed?