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May 2009

craftershock - all things crafty.» Create Your Own Mini Koinobori

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Create Your Own Mini Koinobori Today, we’re going to show you how to make your own mini koinobori! This template was created by a super creative crafter, artist, and Dal Frara enthusiast, Mini-toko. Koinobori Before we get started, you’ll need to download the free template (PDF). Now that you’ve done that, let’s get to work!

ZOOM . activities . do . Koinobori | PBS Kids

Koinobori is Japanese for a flag that's shaped like a kind of fish called a carp. Every year on May 5th, Japanese families fly these flags in front of their homes to celebrate a holiday called Children's Day.

July 2008


The "randoseru" backpack is a cultural icon in Japan, most schoolkids wear one and most adults consider it a symbol of "school days." Outside of Japan these small backpacks are appreciated for their boxy roominess and distinctive style by people of all ages. Hideo's family business is one of the leading makers of randoseru in Japan. In this version, Hideo has re-designed it with lightweight and weather-resistant polyurethane in place of heavy leather.