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November 2006

Work for Food™

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Work for Food™ is the portfolio of Art Director Diego Zambrano, focused on designing experiences and emotional relationship with the product. Advertainment to sell dreams, not products! Art Direction, Illustration and Ideas.

December 2005


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Athila Armstrong, art & design direction for interactive media

::: xururu back in Brazil :::

des années que je n'avais pas revu le travail de ce grand designer brésilien... le vieux portfolio est toujours aussi classe

R2 - Motion Designer (temporary portifolio)

Hello this is the R2´s temp portfolio. I’m a 23 years old motion designer focused on the web. I’ve been working on this market since 96 and making exclusively web animation and motion design since 2000. Here I’ve put some of my best work so far. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for the visit.

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