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Alix Smith

STATES OF UNION is comprised of a series of color portrait photographs of same-sex families. “Family” in STATES OF UNION, may be as few as two individuals who are in a committed relationship and live as a social unit. These units may include pets and may have biological, fostered, or adopted children.

I Love Your Work, doc interactif de Jonathan Harris | DOC.0 Le blogue de Patricia Bergeron

Dernière œuvre interactive de Jonathan Harris, I Love Your Work ne déçoit pas et nous rassure même sur la continuité de la démarche de l’auteur. Jonathan Harris est un artiste prolifique. Après l’éclatant We Feel Fine (2007) où combinant code et design, Harris proposait une visualisation de l’humeur des gens à travers la planète avec des mini particules prises sur des blogues avec les mots I’m feeling, I feel… Déjà avec ce projet, Harris dévoilait ses intentions et obsessions artistiques ; les empreintes, les histoires, collectionner et s’y perdre.

I Love Your Work · An interactive film by Jonathan Harris

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I Love Your Work is an interactive documentary about the private lives of nine women who make lesbian porn. It consists of 2,202 10-second video clips, taken at five-minute intervals over 10 consecutive days. The full interactive website is limited to just 10 viewers per day, and tickets cost $10 each.


Virginie Despentes répond à Lionel Jospin et aux anti-mariage pour tous - Têtu

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Virginie Despentes répond à Lionel Jospin et aux anti-mariage pour tous


The Lez Get Real Blog Roll

We are working on our Blog Roll, but for now here are some good lesbian blogs and vlogs to visit...

Setting Up Affiliate Links - Babeland

Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning opened the first Babeland store in 1993 in response to the lack of women-friendly sex shops in Seattle. The store offered top quality products, a pleasant place to shop, and most of all information and encouragement to women who wanted to explore their sexuality. The store's popularity with both women and men eventually led to two more stores in New York and one in Los Angeles, as well as a thriving website.

Your Daily Lesbian Moment!

Your daily dose of *lesbian* and *lesbian-friendly* blog form! 50,000 unique visitors per month, and growing.

The Crash Pad Series - Authentic Lesbian, Dyke, Trans, Queer Porn

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This is the Key to the Crash Pad. Based on the Award Winning feminist porn The Crash Pad, Director Shine Louise Houston brings to the web authentic female and queer sexuality. Here you'll find hot femme on femme, boi, dyke, strap-on, cocksucking, lesbian sex, and authentic orgasms. Enter the Crash Pad Series.

Sweet: Eco-friendly lesbian travel, lesbian vacations, lesbian events

Sweet is a lesbian travel company with a twist. Merging the best of lesbian travel with social and environmental awareness, Sweet aims to make the world a better place while having a blast. We offer CarbonFree™ lesbian cruise, lesbian resort and lesbian adventure vacations, featuring fabulous lesbian comedians, musicians and entertainers. Guilt-free, eco-friendly lesbian vacations, the future of lesbian travel is Sweet |

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news, reviews & commentary on lesbian and bisexual women in entertainment and the media


The Reverse Cowgirl

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I've written for Details, Newsweek, Harper's Bazaar, Radar, Salon, Variety, Slate, Wired News, The New York Post, The LA Weekly, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Vancouver Sun, The San Francisco Examiner Magazine,, Nerve, Arena (UK), and Max (France). I've appeared on CNN, FOX News, Playboy TV, "Politically Incorrect," and the UK's Channel 4. I'm writing a novel that's based on my experiences in Porn Valley. I'm represented by Endeavor. And, I'm 6'2".

Iconique Fashion Magazine

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In the fall of the year 2000 the first version of arrived on the Internet. 'It is time for a site where Internet Meets Style both design and content wise.' as quoted back then by its founder Joost van Gorsel. His unique ability to mix animation and music with refreshing, stylish content proved to be a winner among the internet's fashion lovers. Since its launch Iconique has been published in many magazines, newspapers, websites and books and won several web awards. 'Our goal is to create a certain vibe, by which style, fashion and a sense of creativity will be conveyed to our visitors. We want our guests to be exposed to the best. This obviously includes our most important section, Fashion & Style, with its animated editorials, Virtual Catwalk, fashion news and much more. We want to present the young and upcoming, as well as the renowned top designers.'


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Avalon Media made the commitment to take Lesbians on the Loose Magazine to the next level. Already a succesful and powerful publication, the need to adapt to the changing demands of the comunity was obvious. Over the next 8 years Avalon Media developed additional products and improved the existing publication:

DIVA Magazine Lesbian Bisexual Lifestyle

While Sarah Palin makes us fear for the future of women in US politics, DIVA finds there are a surprising number of lesbian hopefuls working away in the background. Words JOANNA WALTERS

GUERRILLAGIRLS: Fighting discrimination with facts, humor and fake fur

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We're a bunch of anonymous females who take the names of dead women artists as pseudonyms and appear in public wearing gorilla masks. We have produced posters, stickers, books, printed projects, and actions that expose sexism and racism in politics, the art world, film and the culture at large. We use humor to convey information, provoke discussion, and show that feminists can be funny. We wear gorilla masks to focus on the issues rather than our personalities. Dubbing ourselves the conscience of culture, we declare ourselves feminist counterparts to the mostly male tradition of anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood, Batman, and the Lone Ranger. Our work has been passed around the world by kindred spirits who we are proud to have as supporters. It has also appeared in The New York Times, The Nation, Bitch and Bust; on TV and radio, including NPR,, the BBC and CBC; and in countless art and feminist texts. The mystery surrounding our identities has attracted attention. We could be anyone; we are everywhere.

BRAINSUSHI - The Mutant Media Agency : Mission

Avant-gardes technologiques, mutations sociales et bouleversements culturels... Vampyres de New York, freaks mexicains, nerds de la Silicon Valley, gangsters guatémaltèques, fétichistes londoniens ou otakus japonais, l'agence Brainsushi s'est fait une spécialité de documenter les phénomènes contemporains qui annoncent le monde de demain. Composée d’une équipe de professionnels de la presse et de la télévision qui parcourent inlassablement la planète et les réseaux informatiques à la recherche de nouveautés, Brainsushi vous entraîne au fil de ses reportages et de ses dossiers exclusifs sur ces territoires mal connus où se dessine le futur de nos sociétés. Films documentaires, reportages photos, articles ou dossiers de fond, nos productions s'adressent à la fois aux connaisseurs les plus exigeants et au grand public. Outre notre portfolio, la zone membres de ce site (accessible sur demande) vous permettra d'apprécier la qualité de nos réalisations pour la presse et l'audiovisuel.

Festival de films gays & lesbiens de Paris #14 — Films de tous les genres

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Un festival, c’est toujours un peu la même chose et pourtant chaque année différent. La continuité, c’est la curiosité, l’ouverture au monde et à ses cinémas, la diversité des films, de leurs formats, de leurs sujets. La différence, ce sont les points de vue mis en avant, les lignes de force qui s’affirment, les parti pris qui s’expriment. La 14e édition du Festival se déroule dans deux salles, le Rex et le Latina, pour un voyage en images des Grands Boulevards au Marais. Les fidèles y retrouveront les inédits, les avant-premières, la grande place offerte à cet espace d’audace qu’est le court métrage, le mélange des genres à tous les sens du terme, cinématographique et identitaire.

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