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2006 Grid Systems in Graphic Design: Books: Josef Muller-Brockmann,Josef Muller - Brockmann

From a professional for professionals, here is the definitive word on using grid systems in graphic design. Though Muller-Brockman first presented hi interpretation of grid in 1961, this text is still useful today for anyone working in the latest computer-assisted design. With examples on how to work correctly at a conceptual level and exact instructions for using all of the systems (8 to 32 fields), this guidebook provides a crystal-clear framework for problem-solving. Dimension: 81/2 x 113/4 inches, English & German Text, 357 b&w examples and illustrations.

Etymotic Research, Inc. - High-fidelity Earphones and Hearing Instrumentation

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Etymotic makes the world's finest in-the-ear earphones. We invented the technology in 1983 and have been perfecting it ever since through extensive research.


MOSEAU: BAMBOO FIBER CLOTHING : Bamboo Crew Socks - 3 Pairs

Top 10 reasons why Moseau (Mo-So) socks are better? 10) So soft, your feet will never want to leave 9) They let your feet breathe, and lord knows they need it! (we're pinching our noses) 8) They fight bacteria 5 times longer than cotton and have been proven to help prevent athlete's foot. It is a great natural remedy. 7) Hypoallergenic, so none of that itchiness other performance socks may give you 6) They absorb 60% more moisture than cotton, and dry 20% faster 5) They don?t fade as fast as cotton (but who really cares) 4) They feel lighter, so you can run to your golf cart faster 3) They are biodegradable, so your great grandkids won?t have to touch them (see #9) 2) People will ask how you pronounce the name, which is always good fun 1) If you?ve read this far, what the heck are you waiting for? Try them!

Sur La Table - A Cook's Paradise: Coffee Espresso Tea / Coffee Grinders / Mills

Elegant and masterful, with 16 clearly marked settings that can be pulsed, timed and fine-tuned for extra fine, fine, regular and coarse grinds. Commercial-grade conical burrs feature a high precision grinding mechanism. Housed in a heavy-duty body, the grinder’s 1000-watt gear motor is remarkably quiet. Bean container holds up to 8¾ ounces; lidded container holds 4 ounces of ground coffee. Cleaning brush and measuring scoop included.

Tatami Mats - Goza

Natural hand-woven rush tatami goza mats. The traditional Japanese flooring for homes or restaurants. Direct from Japan and available in a variety of large sizes our tatami mat covers make excellent, safe and affordable floor coverings over carpets or hard surfaces. Tatami mats make any room feel lighter and more spacious.

Crate and Barrel: Krups® Burr Coffee Grinder

High-tech good taste for serious coffee lovers. The fine art of expert coffee brewing gets a new refinement with this burr milling system featuring a full spectrum of 17 grinding positions from fine to coarse. Designed to avoid overheating, preserve aroma and ensure grind consistency, with a large-capacity, anti-static bean hopper, safety lid and removable grounds container.

Generate Light: Lux Lighted Cube

A highly versatile, durable, illuminated cube with hollow interior, for use indoors or outdoors: a lighted planter, toy box, magazine holder, wine & beer cooler...Two sides of the cube are convex and two concave, allowing two or more cubes to be stacked and used as book or display cases. Putting the cube on a concave side creates a comfortable, lighted stool with storage area below

Defunker : Jesus

i'll stick it up your ass...