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May 2007

Concrete Hermit

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“Punk is an attitude not an aesthetic” Since 2004 Concrete Hermit has worked with selected artists, building its reputation by producing a range of graphically lead products including books, T-shirts and badges. We decided to create a platform that promoted interesting work fairly and with respect for both the artist and the buyer. We enjoy working with diverse groups of people to produce good, interesting, unusual stuff. We try not to be lead by fashions or markets, although we are making products for consumers - we’re putting creations out there to be consumed. We’re no longer sure what real is but we’ll do our best to keep it real - We are post-neo-old-skool.

January 2007

December 2006

Shaving Soaps and Creams

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Stick 75g Sandalwood : 6£

QED USA - E Barber Shop

We specialize in men's shaving and grooming toiletries, particularly those wonderful products that could be found in every barbershop 50 or more years ago. At that time, the barbershop was a decidedly masculine oasis, a mini social club, where - along with his haircut and shave - a gentleman was pampered with an incredible assortment of scented tonics and lotions. We invite you to indulge in a bit of nostalgia, and discover why these products have survived through the years. We offer reasonable prices, top service and a secure shopping cart. The best way to test our commitment to your satisfaction is to place an order.

3 cheap shaving sticks

Extra-rich formula to soften the beard quickly and effectively. Extra-creamy lather gives the ultimate in shaving comfort. Extra quality - a little goes a long way.

greener grass design and gifts- a unique collection of design goods

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Greenergrassdesign is a curatorial approach, a particular aesthetic, both varied and cohesive. With an ever-changing product range including some larger production items, some limited edition along with design originals, Greenergrassdesign hopes to offer-up something special to both designer and consumer.

November 2006

A List Apart Store

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Web 2.0, now with ajax !


Fontsmith is a leading type design studio. We create bespoke fonts for corporate identity, working with design groups or direct with the end user.

John Lawrence Templates - Quality teaching aids

We manufacture top quality wooden templates & teaching aids in two thicknesses of plywood

Hel Fucking Vetica Tee Shirts!

Wear Your Typographic Pride Like You Mean It! Support! Make an emphatic statement about your typographic savvy while showing your support for!

October 2006

Welcome to Design Public™ -- Fresh New Design Online: 800.506.6541

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Design Public’s mission is to sell fresh and inspiring design with a continued commitment to educate, inspire, nurture, and celebrate great new design.

September 2006

T-shirt Island

T-Shirt Island ( talks everything about T-Shirt. From T-Shirt you can buy (or sell maybe) through online shop, its design, and modern pop culture influence latest trends of T-Shirt. Yes, we are talking about fashion, news, blogging, social perceptions, and more!

Retro To Go: Design

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a guide to all things hip and retro


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Peel some InAnimate stickers and place 'em on your stapler, decorate your pencil holder, jazz up your morning java, personalize your mouse…then bring on the smiles.

Jargon Boy | Modern Alphabet Flashcards

M is for Modern Alphabet Flashcards. A pocketful of genius. Coolness in a box. A Mid-Century Modern education in 26 remarkably easy lessons. Or a way to keep your kids busy on the train to the City or the 101. Forget A is for Apple. B is for Bauhaus is where it's at. Cards are 2 3/4" x 2 3/4", packaging is 3" x 3" x 3/4 ", info is immeasurable.


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SUCK UK produce furniture, lighting, interior products and accessories. All design is by Sam and Jude. SUCK PRODUCTS are available in shops in the UK and Europe. The story … IN THE BEGINNING… we started out doing stuff for other people

August 2006

A Blue Chicken | Parra

Parra's distinctive style draws strong influences from skateboarding, hip hop, sampling, pop art and Hieronimus Bosch. Eclectic musical influences from Donovan to Slayer also influence his style and attitude.

Straight Razors - Safety Razors - Wet Shaving & Grooming Supplies

At we take pride in offering the Finest Quality Traditional Wet Shaving and Grooming products available anywhere in the world. Products that are being rediscovered by thousands of men who have become dissatisfied with the performance of typical drugstore offerings.

July 2006

Daniel Clowes

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“Clowes demonstrates that the medium, in the hands of an expert, can generate narratives as complex and textured as any work of fiction” - ça donne envie de se faire toute la collection après la lecture de l'excellent David Boring