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December 2006

New on the Web: Politics as Usual - New York Times

THE Netroots.” “People Power.” “Crashing the Gate.” The lingo of liberal Web bloggers bespeaks contempt for the political establishment. The same disdain is apparent among many bloggers on the right, who argued passionately for a change in the slate of House Republican leaders — and who wallowed in woe-is-the-party pity when the establishment ignored them.

New on the Web : Politic as Usual

Here is a listing of some of the most influential bloggers who went to work for campaigns this year, what they were paid according to campaign disclosure documents, and praiseworthy posts about their employers or critical ones of their employers’ opponents.

October 2006

GOOD MAGAZINE | What Matters

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We see a growing number of people tied together not by age, career, background, or circumstance, but by a shared interest. This revolves around a passion for potential mixed with fierce pragmatism and creative engagement. We sum all this up as the sensibility of giving a damn. But to shorten it, let's call it GOOD. We're here to push this movement and cover its realization. For while so much of today's media is taking up our space, dumbing us down, and impeding our productivity, GOOD exists to add value. So here's our first issue. We worked hard to give you something that you'll like.

November 2005

A Vision of Europe : Special Issue on Modernist Suburban Peripheries

WHY THE PERIPHERAL SUB-URBS DID NOT WORK . . . (and could not indeed)

August 2005

DEMOCKRATEES // making revolution affordable

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