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September 2006

Nikki McClure

Nikki McClure lives with her son Finn and husband Jay T in Olympia. Nikki uses an x-acto knife to cut her designs into paper.

August 2006

A Blue Chicken | Parra

Parra's distinctive style draws strong influences from skateboarding, hip hop, sampling, pop art and Hieronimus Bosch. Eclectic musical influences from Donovan to Slayer also influence his style and attitude.

July 2006

~ Mr bingo ~ 44(0)7966 280431

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bon style / un peu impertinent à la Paul Cox

May 2006

Fussballhelden - Football Heroes - Soccer Heroes - Héros du football - Eroi del calcio - Héroes del Fútbol - Heróis do Futebol

The World’s Top Illustrators Draw The World’s Top Footballers. «Football Heroes» is a complete collectors picture album featuring 60 World Cup teams: all the 2006 qualifiers plus the most famous teams from World Cup history. It contains over 700 individual player portraits drawn by 50 illustrators from 17 different countries. «Football Heroes» is a non-profit project. All the illustrators involved have donated their time and talent for the love of the game.