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September 2008


Japan is the second biggest producer of single malt whisky in the world. It has been taking top prizes in international tastings since 2001. At the 2008 World Whisky Awards, Japan underlined its arrival on the world scene by scooping both of the top prizes - the best single malt whisky in the world and the best blended whisky in the world.

Brooklyn Museum: Community

The Brooklyn Museum believes in community and in the importance of the visitor experience. In this area you'll find a number of ways to connect with us: blogs, photo and video submissions, podcasts, and more. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Cocktail Chronicles

The word “cocktail” and the idea of a “mission statement” should never appear in the same train of thought, but here we are – the “about” page. Well, if you must know— The Cocktail Chronicles is an ongoing exploration of fine spirits, creative cocktails and classic mixology. This web log was created in May 2005 in an effort to document the drinks I’m experimenting with at any particular time, along with thoughts on cocktail ingredients, brands and types of spirits and the overall culture of drinking (I also discovered that it’s a handy way to keep track of all those cocktail recipes I was always losing on little slips of paper or in the little notebooks that clutter up my desk). Since its inception, The Cocktail Chronicles has explored more than 100 different drinks; covered the home-brew of obscure cocktail ingredients such as pimento dram and falernum; been the founding site and ongoing moderation source for the regular virtual cocktail party known as Mixology Monday; attracted—oh, hell, lots of readers (and pissed off a few, too); and presented only slightly inebriated daily updates from Tales of the Cocktail, the nation’s foremost cocktail event.

The Bar Mix Master Has Spoken...

This space is devoted to the art of cocktails, cocktail education, and the rebirth of classic cocktails.

October 2007

ideasonideas » Blog Archive » How to disarm 10 difficult client observations/requests

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Unveiling a solution is arguably the most harrowing aspect of the creative process. In our last post we talked about how we can work to better service our clients. In this one, I’ll share some of the best responses we have to questions that can often derail an otherwise effective solution.

March 2007

January 2007

Creating Passionate Users: iPhone and the Dog Ears User Experience Model

“The U.I. is spectacular, but for reasons you can’t see in a photograph, or get from the online keynote video. The best part of the iPhone is simply this: the U.I. is alive.”

December 2006

Shaving recommendations « Later On

In my general guide to shaving with a safety razor I provide many options, but then the question arises: What do I specifically recommend to a potential enthusiast who wants to shave with safety razor and double-edged blade?

David Seah

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Dave is an interactive / GUI / graphic designer based in the Boston / Southern New Hampshire area. Available for freelance projects.

Wii Have A Problem...

"Wii have a problem" is a blog focused on bringing you the latest trend in gaming violence. That of damage caused by "window lickers" who should not be participating in activity of any form... yet own a Wii. Why? Because we're fanboys that's why.

New on the Web: Politics as Usual - New York Times

THE Netroots.” “People Power.” “Crashing the Gate.” The lingo of liberal Web bloggers bespeaks contempt for the political establishment. The same disdain is apparent among many bloggers on the right, who argued passionately for a change in the slate of House Republican leaders — and who wallowed in woe-is-the-party pity when the establishment ignored them.

New on the Web : Politic as Usual

Here is a listing of some of the most influential bloggers who went to work for campaigns this year, what they were paid according to campaign disclosure documents, and praiseworthy posts about their employers or critical ones of their employers’ opponents.

November 2006

Bearskinrug, The Homepage

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the professional webspace of illustrator nd designer, KEVIN Cornell | The harmonious unification of Design, Art & Lackluster Humor

Static Forest

Born in Spain, Manuel grew up in La Coruña, Galicia. After moving to USA he attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida, where he earned his BFA and later on moved back to Europe to pursue illustration.

Typographica. A Journal of Typography.

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Typographica is a journal of typography featuring news, observations, and open commentary on fonts and typographic design.

Planet Gaim

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Gaim is a multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows. It is compatible with AIM and ICQ (Oscar protocol), MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, SILC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, Lotus Sametime, and Zephyr networks.

Information Architects Japan » Blog Archive » Web Design is 95% Typography (1)

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95% of the information on the web is written language. It is only logical to say that a web designer should get good training in the main discipline of shaping written information, in other words: Typography.

spiekerblog | scroll down all the way!

Erik Spiekermann is information architect, type designer (ff Meta, itc Officina, ff Info, ff Unit, LoType, Berliner Grotesk et al) and author. He was founder (1979) of MetaDesign, Germany’s largest design firm with offices in Berlin, London and San Francisco. In 1988 he started FontShop. He holds an honorary professorship at the Academy of Arts in Bremen, is board member of ATypI and the German Design Council, and president of the istd International Society of Typographic Designers. In July 2000, Erik left MetaDesign Berlin. He now lives and works in Berlin, London and San Francisco, designing publications, complex design systems and more typefaces.

Torrentfreak is my new favourite future of media distribution weblog

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Torrentfreak is my new favourite future of media distribution weblog - Obviously BitTorrent is mostly used for piracy, but observing what's going on around BitTorrent seems like a no-brainer way to learn what early-adopters are actually interested in getting from their media consumption...

October 2006

:: a swedish designer in america...hoping to bring you everything inspirational in design from both sides of the atlantic. is home to me, like every house in Sweden, painted red with white trims. The red pigment was a bi-product of the mining industry in Sweden. They turned it into paint and called it Falu Rödfärg. It was the cheapest and most accesible paint. This all happened a long time ago but the majority of the houses in the Swedish country side are still painted red. Nothing says home to me like a red house ::